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Aliant Taps BitPay to offer Bitcoin Merchant Solutions


Making merchants warm for Bitcoin payments is pretty difficult these days. A lot of companies do not like cryptocurrencies and will probably never embrace them whatsoever. BitPay is the world’s leader when it comes to processing Bitcoin payments altogether. The company partners with Aliant to spread the global reach of Bitcoin. For now, the effort will mainly focus on the United States. An interesting decision that will bring more positive attention to cryptocurrency as a whole.

BitPay has become a household name when it comes to processing Bitcoin payments. Over the years, the company has built up a very solid reputation. Moreover, they forge strategic partnerships which help put cryptocurrency on the map in a positive manner. This recent partnership with Aliant will hopefully move things along in the right direction. Aliant Payment Systems is a US-based merchant services and credit card processing provider. Through this partnership, Aliant is one of the first “mainstream” payment processors to let merchants accept Bitcoin payments.

Aliant and BitPay Join Forces

Having more mainstream payment processors focus on Bitcoin is a positive development. While any merchant can sign up for a separate BTC payment processor, having an all-in-one option is more convenient. Aliant is working hard on expanding their reach across the US and the rest of the world alike. Thanks to an earlier partnership with Merchant e-Solutions, they can improve higher processing volumes for specific clients. Moreover, a lot of clients stand to benefit a lot from accepting Bitcoin payments. There is no risk of fraud compared to traditional solutions such as credit cards.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair comments as follows:

“Merchants accepting high-value payments online need a secure, fraud-free way to receive value, and we believe bitcoin provides that way. We are proud to be working with a forward-looking company like Aliant to bring this payment option to more businesses.”

It will be interesting to see how this new partnership plays out. Bringing Bitcoin to more merchants can only be considered to be a good thing. However, the journey will not be all that easy by any means. Aliant may be the right partner, but it is still too early to say for sure. The Bitcoin ecosystem can use some good news right now after all of the issues in China affecting the price in a negative manner. Aliant certainly is confident Bitcoin and blockchain are the right tools for their customer base.

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