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Alibabacoin Foundation to hold a FREE ABBC Airdrop


The Alibabcoin Foundation is an up and coming open-source crypto-currency company that has identified the trend that we are using less and less paper money in a bid to become more electronic and online. They have identified a number of gaping holes in certain security protocols with regards to crypto-currencies, and with the power of blockchain technology and their innovative drive they are looking to fill those gaps and give people the opportunity to be part of the ABBC Foundation. The opportunity offered by the foundation includes people downloading their multi-crypto wallet, which is capable of holding numerous crypto-currencies, unlike other wallets that are specifically designed to hold only one. This multi-crypto wallet allows users to have an overview of all their coins and the balance associated with it, at a simple glance. To give added functionality to the wallet, it allows users to easily convert one crypto-currency into another, without the need to leave the wallet, and with the added facial recognition software, it adds an extra layer of security to make your crypto-currencies safer.

The wallet forms part of the airdrop that is taking place during 21st June to 20th July, and users are required to download the ABBC wallet in order to be eligible to receive a share of the free 100 ABBC coins that the foundation is giving away. The promotion was supposed to be held on 15st of JUNE though, as per many emails requesting from users of various countries including Europe, Asia, and others, which asks their own language version of the event page and ABBC MC-wallet. In to respond to the request, we decide to hold ABBC Airdrop event on 21st so we can make more 6 language packages for our users which are easier to use.

The first 500,000 users who manage to successfully download the multi-crypto wallet will be able to receive 100 ABBC coins from the Alibabacoin Foundation. The event was created because of the huge number of people who have responded to the foundation itself and in response to the overwhelming support, the foundation are giving away 50,000,000 ABBC.

The Alibabacoin Foundation is looking to spread their wings and hopefully connect more people in the crypto-currency world, as this would certainly bring people closer together.

Too many crypto-currencies hold no purpose or reason for being in the world today, and the Alibabacoin Foundation certainly have a reason for being here as they want to connect with more people and improve a number of aspects of our lives. A number of cryptocurrencies have shown the mighty and power and have since attracted countless people to listen to their message and what they can offer, and of course the masses have jumped on board, which has resulted in some of these virtual currencies becoming extremely popular. This of course is the aim of Alibabacoin Foundation, to become one of the most popular crypto-currencies in the world, and in a bid to attract as many people onto their platform as possible, they are holding a free airdrop.

Be sure to download their multi-crypto wallet between the 21th June and 20th July to receive your free 100 ABBC, and become part of something bigger.


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