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All Eyes on Bitgert Coin: The Unrivaled Trending Crypto of the Week


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A newcomer, the Bitgert BRISE coin, has been trending since the week opened on Sunday. This rally is a familiar bull run like the one that was seen on BTC which took it from $40k to $73k. If you are still sitting on the fence you have to read this because this is an opportunity right in front of you. As a trader myself, I won’t blame you if you are being careful not to jump on the wrong project, we’ve all been there. But, with what I have seen so far about Bitgert, I can tell you that this is not one of those “much talk, less action” coins.

Let’s talk about some of the factors that are beating the drum in this dance to the top for Bitgert.

Bitgert Innovations

Most altcoins simply rely on sentiments and speculation as a driving factor for the project. But with the dying buzz goes the altcoins too; I’m sure you can remember a few as you are reading this. However, in the case of the Bitgert BRISE coin, the team has carefully implemented several features ensuring that with or without market speculations, the coin keeps rising.  An important one of the features is the 12% buyback-and-burn mechanism.

After every transaction, Bitgert has been set in motion to ensure that 12% of the transaction is burnt. This mechanism is an approach to reduce the total supply of the coin in circulation. But, where this gets even more interesting with Bitgert is that the 12% burning is not an annual or set for a specific block filled; it is after every transaction.

With this continuous burn comes an assurance that the bitgert coin will keep getting more valuable which eventually keeps reflecting in the price move to the top.

Even if I miss all points about Bitgert, I sure can’t go without mentioning the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism which is currently making life a lot easier for everyone trading Bitgert. This mechanism allows Bitgert to get a transaction speed that currently tops 100,000 TPS. That means Bitgert can complete tens of thousands of transactions in just a split second, cutting out transaction delays and the menace of gas fees.

I can go on and on about the Bitgert coin’s innovative approaches but, I believe you get the point already. That’s why the current high trend Bitgert is enjoying this week might be the beginning of a long bullish run to come.

I’ll let you decide for yourself, but my advice will be to buy Bitgert coin now.

To know more about Bitgert, Visit https://bitgert.com

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