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altFINS AI Chart Patterns Recognition Engine | What Is It?


altFINS is a platform designed to help crypto traders find trading ideas by providing various tools and insights to make informed trading decisions. 

Among its features, altFINS system automatically detects 26 types of chart patterns, which are graphical representations of historical price movements that traders use to predict future price movements. 

Here’s what you need to know about altFINS AI chart patterns:

  • Pattern Recognition: altFINS utilizes advanced algorithms to identify 26 chart patterns automatically among top 500 coins. These patterns include channels, wedges, triangles, flags, pennants, head and shoulders, and double tops/bottoms.
  • Emerging v. Complete Patterns: altFINS identifies Emerging and Complete (Breakouts) chart patterns.  Both are tradable opportunities.  Traders can trade the Emerging patterns between the support and resistance trendlines, while Complete patterns are straight forward breakouts.

Source: altFINS

  • Pattern Alerts: Traders can set up alerts  and push notifications on altFINS to be notified when specific chart patterns are identified. This feature allows traders to stay updated on potential trading opportunities without needing to monitor the charts continuously.
  • Integration with Crypto Screener: altFINS chart patterns are integrated with other technical analysis tools offered by the platform, such as trend ratings, RSI, MACD and other indicators. This integration allows traders to create their own custom market scans and signals.
  • Customization: Traders can customize their chart pattern analysis on altFINS by adjusting parameters and settings according to their trading strategies and preferences. This flexibility enables traders to tailor the analysis to suit their individual needs.

Success rate up to 78%

Source: altFINS

altFINS chart patterns are helpful for crypto traders as they provide visual insights into potential market trends and price movements, enabling more informed trading decisions.

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