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Amar Gautam and Hyperlinq Seek to Make Crypto Trading Tools Easy to Access


Amar Gautam has been involved in cryptocurrency for some time. As the CEO and founder of a firm known as Hyperlinq, Gautam seeks to consolidate multiple portfolios and provide standard financial tools to crypto traders, something that has long separated both divisions of finance.

Amar Gautam Wants to Provide a One-Stop Shop for Crypto Traders

Initially born in India, Gautam also received his education in the country, and majored in computer science while in school. He began his first job right after college and developed software for both hedge funds and banks. Four years later, he began working as a specialized API trading builder.

It was around this time that the cryptocurrency space first began to gain steam, and he noticed that while many individuals began entering the digital currency arena, there weren’t that many trading tools available. This is what prompted him to start Hyperlinq in 2018.

In an interview, he states:

Through my work beforehand, I realized there were sophisticated trading tools available in the traditional financial markets, but I noticed they were not available for cryptocurrency traders. It became my goal to address that unmet need. There were tools for the professional stock investor, but these same tools were not available for cryptocurrency traders, and I was out to change that. We began building this trading terminal to carry out transactions at ‘hyper speeds,’ linking them to many different exchanges, and decided to fill this niche for experienced cryptocurrency traders who seek actionable and intelligent insights which would allow them to become more effective and efficient traders.

You Can Do Everything in One Place

Discussing what makes Hyperlinq different from its competitors, he says that his company offers a wide array of products that can help the standard crypto investor monitor his or her portfolio more easily. One can consistently examine their crypto wallets; they can also track the prices of the many digital currencies they’re likely to be interested in. He says:

There are tools to help you execute trades, there are tools to help give you insights. But before… there was not really a tool to give you all these things in one place. We built a one-stop solution for tracking your portfolio, analyzing markets, discovering opportunities, managing orders and positions, and analyzing trades. All these tools with efficiency and speed that improve trader workflows that give them an opportunity to make better profits. This is what really differentiates us from other similar-sounding platforms. There are many tools for everyday investors, but not many applications for sophisticated cryptocurrency traders.

He also comments that one of the big problems plaguing the industry is that digital currency trading sites are often developed by engineers that have the technical knowhow, but they have virtually no experience as traders. Thus, they don’t know what investors are looking for, and they don’t always know how to make things easier for them.


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