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AMFEIX – The Whale That You Can Join


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Bitcoin holders are enjoying watching their investment grow under the AMFEIX fund. The asset management fund, AMFEIX Digital Asset Management, generates profits for investors by establishing a pool of funds from which it trades. The professionals in the firm trade in crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairings that they’ve researched on to make huge gains from market volatility.

Confidential Investment

The AMFEIX platform allows investors to invest confidentially with the firm. The firm enables them to use pseudo names whenever they are investing. Moreover, the firm doesn’t insist on getting any personal information.

Uncomplicated Registration Process

The registration process begins by creating a wallet on the AMFEIX platform. Once you create your wallet, you can transfer your Bitcoin holdings from your exchange or wallet to the newly create wallet on AMFEIX.com. After that, the funds will appear on your website within 24 hours.

Zero Flat Fees

Investors using the AMFEIX platform are assured on nil flat fees. Once the asset management firm generates a profit for investors, they will only take 20%.

Fair Profit Distribution Formula

AMFEIX offers investors 80% of the profits they make from investing their funds while they retain 20%.

Compounding Capital

Investors can choose to increase their capital by not withdrawing their profits at any given time. With a high capital, their subsequent profits can also increase phenomenally.

Unproblematic Withdrawal Procedure

Investors seeking to withdraw their profits can easily do the same without facing any challenges. Once the withdrawal request is made and approved, the funds are sent to your wallet so that you can send them to any wallet or exchange that you prefer.

Hassle-free Termination Procedure

If an investor chooses to exit the fund, AMFEIX deposits the entire account balance of that particular investor into his AMFEIX wallet within 24 hours. From there, the investor can transfer the BTC to any exchange that he prefers.

Guaranteed Security of Funds

AMFEIX focuses on providing different layers of protection for investors’ funds to limit any hackers from accessing them.

To reduce the loss of funds due to wrong trading moves, AMFEIX only trades with 30-50% of the pool of funds at any moment.

To reduce any attempts by hackers to gain access to investors’ funds, the company uses cold storage to store any inactive funds. Cold storage has proved to be more efficient in preventing online hackers from stealing funds.

To limit any central authorities from accessing investors’ funds, the asset management firm uses the Ethereum platform, which is decentralized.

To protect investors from having their funds stolen from any device, the firm provides every investor with a seed key. Generally, it constitutes of 12 words that can be used to secure an account and limit hackers from gaining access to their account and wallet.

Enticing Referral Program

The site provides investors with an enticing referral program that they can use to increase their profits. Using a referral link, investors can refer their friends to invest their Bitcoin with AMFEIX and from the profits that they make on the platform, the referrer earns 10%.

The AMFEIX.com Fund has wholly changed the cryptocurrency investment field through its scalable investment fund. Bitcoin investors now know where to invest and reap big.


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