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The Amount of Self-Proclaimed Ethereum Experts Surpasses 3,000 On LinkedIn


The Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow and attract new industry leader all the time. Even though the definition of an “Ethereum Expert” is quite broad, the statistics indicate a significant growth. Although anyone can label themselves as an expert in this technology, LinkedIn statistics indicate over 3,000 profiles contain references to Ethereum.

Number of Ethereum Experts Continues To Grow

Looking at the statistics provided by LinkedIn, there are 3,020 profile results for the Ethereum search query. Even though not all of these individuals are active developers or company owners in the Ethereum ecosystem, they all share the same passion. Quite a few of them show up as Ethereum investors, as many people still hold high hope for this project and its currency’s value.

As one would come to expect, the vast majority of these people are located in the United States. The United Kingdom and France complete the top three, which is quite intriguing. France is not often mentioned in the same breath as cryptocurrency activities these days, but it seems there is a healthy amount of enthusiasm in the country.

Reaching over 3,000 Ethereum “professionals” on LinkedIn doesn’t mean all that much, though. Albeit there are are a lot of legitimate profiles out there, anyone can label themselves as being involved in Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter. That doesn’t mean all of these people are knowledgeable about these topics or have any interest other than investing in it.

That being said, the number of Bitcoin “professionals” is a lot higher than the Ethereum counterparts. With just under 29,000 results on linkedIn, it is evident which cryptocurrency is the market leader. The same notes have to be made where these search results are concerned, though, as it is impossible to verify what these people do in the Bitcoin world.

These types of statistics indicate both cryptocurrency ecosystems show significant growth, but they should not be used as a measuring stick by any means. Since anyone can create a LinkedIn profile and call themselves a “pro”, these results need to be taken with a grain of salt. However,t the success of both Bitcoin and Ethereum should not be underestimated, even though both concepts are heading in entirely different directions right now.

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