Statistics – one of the simplest and most obvious indicators of the team games for those who are going to bet on sports. You can use it to analyze the state of the teams, the result of their face to face confrontation meetings and history.

However, it should be understood that the statistics of the team since the beginning of its sport career can distort the overall picture and won’t give you the necessary information for a successful sports betting. Therefore, try to understand how to analyze the statistics of the teams in order to make a good prediction.

What statistics you should take into the account when making sports betting?

Game statistics for the current season. A very important indicator. It can help you to evaluate the shape of the team in a particular tournament. It is much more important for a separate rate than the overall historical moments. Also pay attention to the way the team is playing, how many goals scored etc. After analyzing all of the data individually, you can bet on the sport not only in victory or defeat of the team, but also on additional indicators that will greatly increase the possibility of winning.

Team Statistics confrontation. It should not go too far back in history. You can cross the line in the previous 3-4 seasons. You should understand that this statistic alone does not tell you anything. Even the long series of defeats may come to an end. Therefore, information on previous meetings, the teams must be analyzed solely in conjunction with the current state of the opponents.

Pre-match state of the teams. Injuries, disqualifications, disciplinary sanctions – can seriously affect the team play in a single match. All this must be taken into account when choosing one or another event for bet on any of the betting sites.

Thus, the statistics – one of the most important components that should be analyzed before starting to bet on sports. At the same time, it should be noted that even the most thorough analysis of the dry facts does not give you absolute confidence in the victory.

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