So, this is really the first time I’ve become familiar with what’s known as anoncoin.  I guess it’s probably short for “anonymous coin,” and it is designed to give you the utmost privacy.

Why would those using it need so much privacy?  Well, because it’s designed for making purchases on the dark net.  It’s completely compatible on the I2P and the Tor networks, and it’s become particularly popular amongst Silk Road 2.0 users, so basically if you’re buying drugs, fake IDs, fake passports or even weaponry, anoncoin is probably the currency you’d want to use.

I’m not condoning this behavior in any way, so I don’t want readers to think that I’m for purchasing drugs or other contraband on the Internet.  I simply find the concept behind anoncoin interesting.  A coin that has seemingly been constructed and put together so that people can do “bad things…”

For those who aren’t aware, anoncoin is a kind of altcoin, which means that it basically moves in the “opposite direction” of counterparts such as bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin.  Furthermore, its price isn’t much to boast about.  Upon looking at a price converter on the Internet, one anoncoin is only worth about 15 cents in USD.  This really isn’t much to be proud of.  Literally, all that anonymity, all that “darkness” and that’s the best that can be done?

And buying drugs on the Internet… Really?!  After everything we’ve witnessed through the Ross Ulbricht trial and the FBI’s shutdown of Silk Road, haven’t we realized that everything leaves a trail?  That the Internet isn’t quite as secure as we all thought?

Here’s my message to all readers… Digital currency is here to aid those without credit and bring countries together financially.  Let’s use it for the right reasons.

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