Well, well, well… The price of bitcoin has shot up yet again, and is now hovering at around $297.  Another three dollars and it will hit the $300 mark.  I really hate to say this, but… I TOLD YOU SO!

Everything about bitcoin these past few weeks has suggested that it would hit $300 sometime in the near future.  The only thing I was unable to predict would be that it would be this close in time.  I was under the impression that the mark would be reached within a few months, but at the rate things are going I won’t be surprised if by the summer, bitcoin is back up to being worth $400.  Wouldn’t that be a truly amazing feat?  After all this time, after nearly an entire year of fluctuating and moving up and down bitcoin would be back to a “normal” spot yet again.

The hype from The Wall Street Journal couldn’t be lasting this long.  It likely sparked the rise in the first place, along with other forms of influence, but at this point it is likely that bitcoin is where it is and is continuing to move up simply because more and more people are seeing the value in bitcoin and holding the necessary faith in it.

Also, these past few weeks have witnessed significant drops in bitcoin crime.  There have been no hackings or cyberattacks.  Those allegedly involved in the MyCoin scandal have been arrested and taken into custody, and those who would commit bitcoin fraud have hid in the shadows for the time being, and this is also something to be extremely happy about.

So keep your fingers crossed, and may all our bitcoin hopes and dreams be realized sooner rather than later.  Bitcoin, it seems, is truly rising to the top once more.

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