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Anthony Pompliano Builds Crypto Employment Center


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Anthony Pompliano has been a longtime crypto bull. He’s been working with co-founder Colton Sakamoto over the past 18 months to establish a new crypto firm known as Inflection Points, which focuses on creating crypto employment and business training for workers as the space becomes more mainstream.

Anthony Pompliano Is Developing Inflection Point

The company has managed to garner nearly $13 million in new funding, and the firm wants to help crypto companies connect with necessary talent to ensure operations remain strong and teams can grow accordingly. In an interview, Pompliano stated:

Obviously, most people know me for the investment activities I’ve done.

At the time of writing, Pompliano manages a hedge fund with more than $500 million in assets. They have all been acquired by early-stage companies including Coinbase, Block Fi, and FTX.

As the digital currency space continues to grow, more jobs are forming centered not just around the coins people are trading, but around the blockchain technology that powers and services them. Many companies see the potential in this technology and want it implemented into their systems to ensure supply chain data remains secure and verifiable.

Pompliano continued with:

On the side, I’ve built a large content platform. In crypto, I’d always ask founders of different platforms what they need help with and over and over they would say, ‘If you have great talent, send them my way.’ You expect that to some degree but hearing that so many times I learned companies were really struggling to find people, and meanwhile, my inbox was full of people who wanted to move into the industry.

He also stated that the current funding round was less about getting money than it was about meeting the right investors. He says he’s looking for a team of funders that can and will stick around for some time. He mentioned:

You put these folks together whether it was $10 million, $12 million or $15 million. It didn’t matter as much as getting the people who can help us. These investors have been incredibly valuable.

The company has also recently purchased Proof of Talent, a blockchain recruiting company. Inflection Point, up to this stage, has managed to garner blockchain-related jobs and work for roughly 1,000 individuals with companies like Kraken, Gemini, and others.

Wall Street Workers Are Moving to Blockchain

Pompliano said:

[There’s] a brain-drain from Silicon Valley and Wall Street to this sector. It’s not just an American story. That’s a huge piece of it and there’s a current leadership opportunity, but there’s quite a bit of participation from various markets around the world… If you look at Google and Amazon, they offer blockchains as a service. All these companies are going to do it. So will service providers like lawyers and accountants.

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