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Apple Latest to Hit with Bitcoin Ransomware Attack


This is for all the Apple Mac users who believe that their computers are bulletproof (Beware! for you were wrong). Recently a bitcoin malware has been discovered prowling around in the cyberspace targeting unsuspecting Mac users. This malware is a type of ransomware that could be found infecting computers running on Windows. The unholy malware, upon infecting the system, usually encrypts all the files on the targeted computer. The user meanwhile, in order to gain access to his own files on his own computer, is forced to pay a ransom (usually in bitcoin) to the attacker. Once the payment is received, the cybercriminal will share the decryption key to decrypt all the encrypted files.

However, this Mac-o-philic ransomware doesn’t get to work as soon as it enters the system. According to reports from a security firm, the new Mac ransomware spends a good half a week sitting inside the computer before getting to work. Palo Alto Networks, as the firm is titled, also identified the vector responsible for propagating the bad software affecting Macs. It is none other than the platforms most preferred BitTorrent client Transmission. While it is still unclear as to how the ransomware made way into the software package, the BitTorrent client’s version 2.90 was found to be the tainted package.

Transmission’s website has instructed all Mac OS X users who downloaded version 2.90 to upgrade their software immediately to version 2.92 in order to prevent their devices from falling prey to the ransomware. The newer version of Transmission will remove the “OSX.KeRanger.A” ransomware from the infected systems. It is advisable for all Mac users who may have been potentially infected by the ransomware to update their Transmission client to prevent any damage to their files.

As long as we are connected to the internet, nothing is completely secure. So, it is better to play safe than being sorry later. Whether you use a Mac, Windows or Linux, please watch what you install and make sure you download files from reputable sources. An anti-virus wherever applicable can also save a lot of trouble.


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