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Aptos Labs and Microsoft Team Up in the Name of Blockchain


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Microsoft has teamed up with layer-1 blockchain firm Aptos Labs to further establish its presence in both the web3 and artificial intelligence (AI) arenas.

Microsoft and Aptos Have Joined Hands

Mo Shaikh, the co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, commented in an interview:

The primary focus for both of us is solving our respective industries’ problems.

Aptos will run validator nodes on the Azure Cloud hosted by Microsoft, a move slated to bring higher degrees of security and reliability to the enterprise. Daniel An – global director of business development for AI and web3 at Microsoft – explained in an emailed note:

We predict that AI will be infused into web3 solutions at greater scale in the coming months and years… For example, how do we know that LLM-generated outputs are authentic [and] trustworthy? How do we know that the training data is bias-free in the first place? Blockchain-based solutions can help with verifying, time-stamping, and attributing content to its source, thereby improving credibility in a distributed digital economy.

Shaikh continued his statement with:

We can become incredibly efficient in using these tools every day in our lives. Whether it’s searching and putting together an index of the best restaurants in your neighborhood, or helping you write code for your job or research.

An also said that if people are to become more comfortable with AI in the future, companies need to ensure they’re trusting of the technology, and that they’re fully aware of how it works. He said:

The openness and immutability of blockchain can improve the trust that people place in AI-generated content and provide confidence that they’re making the right decisions.

Shaikh also commented that web3 could provide heavy support for AI applications, and that it could also help the industry garner more credibility down the line. He said:

Everything we capture on-chain is verified, and that verification can [help] train these models in a way that you’re relying on credible information… To do that, you need an incredibly performant blockchain with high throughput.

Aptos can be a solid application when it comes to the AI plans being integrated by Microsoft. The blockchain firm is capable of handling as many as 160,000 transactions per second, though Shaikh is confident this number could extend to hundreds of thousands by the time we’re in the final months of 2023. Also, most transactions take less than a second to get fully verified.

Difficulty with Smart Contracts

Shaikh concluded by saying:

If you want to come and write a smart contract or development application, it’s difficult to do that today.

He’s confident that Aptos has what it takes to help major companies around the world integrate the necessary technology to pull off all the blockchain and smart contract applications they need to survive.

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