The answer to that question is yes. AirPod, with its unique business model, is in the process of building its own economy driven by the platform’s native currency, APOD token. Apart from sharing the characteristics of any other ERC20 compliant tokens in the market, APOD is designed to retain value over a long period of time, while offering sustained returns to its owners.

APOD is a functional unit of the blockchain network connecting the AirPod privacy capsules across the world. While the distributed ledger ensures transparency in the operations, these tokens form a medium of value exchange over the platform. With tangible underlying assets and use cases, APOD presents itself as a stable cryptocurrency, making it a safe haven for the crypto-community plagued by highly volatile markets.

Investing in APOD offers more than just a stable asset. Token holders can avail an opportunity to enter the platform’s Sponsorship Program that primarily works as a Profit-Share agreement by converting APOD tokens through a decentralized application. As the business flourishes, token holders continue to get a share of profits as returns, making APOD a safe haven in times of crypto-market stress.

Token Will Not Be Dependent on the Crypto-Market

There are a number of metaphors we can use to describe the current market conditions, thanks to the inconsistent volatility since early this year. It has created a sense of panic among novice investors who are bracing themselves in anticipation of their investments turning worthless. Obviously, they are greatly ill-advised. Smart crypto-investors looking to unwind risk should be working on being a part of the Sponsorship Program which essentially gives them the opportunity to get a stable passive crypto-income, which are not directly influenced by the bear market.

An experienced investor keeps in mind that managing risk and reward are keys to steady growth and long-term returns. The cryptocurrency market is subject to extreme volatility, which is ineffective at creating a stable economy. However, the APOD token will not be dependent on the crypto-market. Rather, it will be influenced by the AirPod business, which is only set to grow with time. This is because the travel community is poised for major future growth.

Why AirPod?

The fact is that people will always find a need to travel, and AirPod will always be there to accommodate. With this in mind, here is a breakdown of how AirPod is strategically placed to limit your risk regardless of market conditions.

While the number of distributed AirPods and users grow, the frequency of Tokens we buy from the Exchange grows, as a result, the value of APOD token will automatically increase over time. This will then drive up the number of AirPod capsules installed which will influence the number of new users, the frequency of Token buyback from the exchange and then subsequently place them back at a higher price, thereby increasing the price of APOD Token. No matter how the market behaves, the returns will generate cash for your cryptocurrency portfolio month after month.

About AirPod

Airpod is a -capsule style- private unit which can be installed in public spaces such as airports, hotels, railway and bus stations, offices and more. It’s the ideal solution for people who are seeking to find an area to relax, sleep, or even work in private while still in a public place. A single Airpod unit is made up of cutting-edge technologies that enable users to undertake a range of tasks in total privacy and comfort.

The units will have various features to enhance the user experience such as sound reduction technology and Wi-Fi, among others. They came in a sleek, ergonomic design with an environment that makes the unit conducive to work in. The Airpod utility token, APOD, an ERC20 compliant token, will be used by token holders to access Airpods initially set to be distributed worldwide in airports. Over time, Airpod will expand its distribution to many other public places.

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