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AstroSwap Launching on Velas Mainnet, why ASTRO will Crush BTC in 2022


AstroSwap, a high-profile DEX, just launched on the Velas mainnet today, January 28th 2022. According to details of a recent press release, AstroSwap’s ASTRO will likely continue its exemplary performance of the past few months. Traders and ASTRO holders have already experienced, first hand, how fast prices can move, explaining the thrill ahead of the mainnet launch.

It only took a few days for ASTRO prices to rise over 200X after concluding its IDO on the ADAPad launch back in October 2021. Therefore, traders expect the same stellar performance a few days, if not hours, after AstroSwap launches.

Why AstroSwap is Grossly Undervalued and a Gem

A confluence of supportive factors fan the demand for ASTRO ahead of the mainnet launch. While the DEX is ambitious, powered by WagyuSwap and incubated by Bluezilla—most of whose projects turn out to post incredible performances– AstroSwap is lining up exceptional features for the first time.

Distinguishing, headline-grabbing features drawing the attention of serial investors–who have already positioned themselves to scoop ASTRO at spot rates–include:

  • AstroSwap’s decision to allocate 45 percent of total ASTRO supply to staking reserves resulting in high APYs. In the DeFi world, investors always consider the APYs. Investors are also ready to storm in since AstroSwap is an established tier-one DeFi project on the equally credible Velas blockchain.
  • The project will build bridges to other blockchains allowing for rapid transfer of tokens between protocols. Analysts assert that the future of interconnected and AstroSwap is setting up for change by launching on Velas that’s interoperable by default.
  • AstroSwap plans to integrate the world’s most popular web browser wallet, MetaMask. This will be critical, allowing over 10 million users, mainly in DeFi, to quickly shift from other chains to Velas as they access the DEX.
  • AstroSwap will support Velas (VLX) and Cardano (ADA) as the two base tokens for paying on-chain transaction fees accrued. Although this has been set up for flexibility, fees will be negligibly low when exchanging tokens in interoperable DEX.
  • Introduction of a lottery system to distribute rewards to users
  • AstroSwap plans to support an aggressive yield farming program and an auto-liquidity locking feature to benefit global users.

Launching on Velas Was Strategic

A smooth trader experience is what matters in the end. For this reason, AstroSwap creators opted to deploy from the Velas blockchain. The fourth-generation smart contracting platform has unparalleled processing speeds of 75k TPS—making it one of the fastest in the world. Because of lightning-fast processing speed, Velas has near-zero trading fees and is highly scalable. What transaction fees there are, are also going to be refunded to users who make swaps in VLX, which is very cool indeed.

Notably, Velas has also partnered with Ferrari to see their logo labeled in their race cars, visible to the millions of Tifosi fans across the globe. In yet another deal, Velas—from where AstroSwap deploys- joined forces with Spacechain, deploying a light node to space. The purpose was to ensure enhanced security and increase quality standards across the blockchain industry.

AstroSwap to Deploy on Cardano

AstroSwap also has its sights on the Cardano blockchain. The Proof-of-Stake smart contracting network is built from scratch and emphasizes quality. The DEX creators will proceed to avail high-quality DeFi products and services to what’s easily a well-thought-out ledger in the world.

The team is motivated considering how underwhelming the launch of the first DEX on Cardano was. Five hours after launching in late January, traders reported failed transactions and delays. AstroSwap will launch a first-rate product for all traders on Cardano.

Enabling the launch on Cardano is the Swapz bridge. Using the bridge, AstroSwap will deploy as a layer-2 on Cardano but retains its interoperability with Ethereum while concurrently allowing its traders to pay fees in VLX and ADA. Besides Cardano, AstroSwap developers plan to launch on the low-fee and high throughput Solana mainnet.

ASTRO will Shine Brighter in 2022

The DEX is destined for greatness. In Q1 2022, AstroSwap will activate cosmic lotteries while also actively engaging with its community through AMAs and hosting competitions with ASTRO prizes for winners.

At the same time, it will drop its New Frontier NFT tokens besides striking more partnerships, adding to the expertise already presented by WagyuSwap and BlueZilla. Further factoring in how influential DeFi is by the day, observers expect ASTRO to post triple-digit gains as AstroSwap grows to be the world’s large


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