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Bail Bloc Bails out Low-income Police Suspects With Monero


There are many different initiatives related to cryptocurrency mining. Not all of these processed are perfectly legitimate either, though. In the case of Monero mining, there are often more questions than answers. Bail Block is a new venture which lets anyone mine Monero as a way to bail out low-income people behind bars. An interesting development that will set a big precedent, to say the very least.

Mining Monero through other people’s computing resources has been pretty controversial. Dozens of sites have hidden such mining scripts on their pages over the past few months. Bail Block is one of the few legitimate ventures in this regard, though. The new service sues people’s computing power to mine Monero. This money is then converted to US Dollars and donated to Bronx Freedom Fund. It allows low-income people behind bars to have a shot at making bail. A worthwhile venture, to say the very least.

Bail Bloc Embraces Monero

While the conversion from XMR to USD is a bit annoying, it is still necessary. Until cryptocurrencies such as Monero can be sued for mainstream purchases, that situation will not change. Bail Block doesn’t require users to fully understand cryptocurrency. Nor does anyone need to be aware of how Monero works, as it is a complex currency. There is an explanation on the site, but it’s not necessary to read it. Anyone in the world can contribute computing power, which is what matters most.

It is evident cryptocurrency can make a positive impact in this regard. A lot of people can’t leave jail due to not making bail. Low-income suspects often struggle in this regard. This problem isn’t easy to solve either, though. Donors try to help out now and then, but it is a drop in the bucket. Coming up with additional revenue streams is always a good idea. In this case, Monero is the go-to cryptocurrency, rather than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

It will be interesting to see how this service is received by the general public. This is by far one of the most direct ways of “doing social good”. Sending money to Red Cross usually doesn’t help. The money hardly ever ends up where it is supposed to. With this Bail Bloc venture, anyone can turn on their computer and help people who need it domestically. An interesting venture that will hopefully be expanded to other countries.

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