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bant.io – a B2B lead generation and sales acceleration firm – has announced in a statement that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments for its services beginning in quarter four of 2021.

bant.io Is Allowing Customers to Pay with Crypto

The idea of accepting crypto as a means of payment has been a controversial and scary one for several individuals and businesses. Initially, bitcoin and other forms of crypto were designed to push items like checks, fiat currencies, and credit cards to the side and give users a little more power over their financial futures. Many of the previously mentioned items – credit cards, etc. – are issued by banks and standard financial institutions that pry into people’s lives and often make decisions on their behalf.

However, crypto does the opposite. There are no third parties involved, and usually individuals engaged in transactions do so at their own risk. There’s more independence to the scenario but accepting crypto as a method of payment has turned a lot of retailers off. They fear that the asset they’re about to accept will decrease heavily in price or be prone to heavy volatility, which could ultimately cause them to experience profit losses.

To an extent, we cannot really blame these companies for not wanting to say yes to crypto payments. Consider a scenario where someone walks into a store and pays for $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin. For one reason or another, the store in question does not turn that crypto into fiat right away. 24 hours go by, and the price of bitcoin has dropped. That $50 is now worth $40, but while the company has lost $10 in profit, the customer still gets to keep everything they bought.

Is this a fair scenario? Many retailers don’t think so, and thus it’s always good to know that companies like bant.io are working to bring the initial goals of bitcoin and its altcoin cousins closer to reality.

bant.io founder Andrei Breaz explained in an interview:

Over the last five years, we’ve innovated B2B lead generation while offering one of the most flexible payment plans in the industry. Now, by accepting cryptocurrency in addition to the fiat currencies, we intend to provide our customers with an even more flexible and seamless payment flow, which will also address the growing needs of the industry.

Shifting Things to Be More Digital

COO Jaclyn Curtis also threw her two cents into the ring, mentioning:

The global startup ecosystem is evolving and shifting, with more startups created and more investments made. bant.io has strived to remain nimble and stay ahead of changes and trends, which is why we have revitalized our payment processes in preparation for this rapidly growing startup economy.

bant.io establishes individual and unique strategies for companies all over the world to accomplish their sales goals and bring in new business leads.

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