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Batter Up! MLB Crypto Baseball Is on Deck


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Baseball meets the blockchain as MLB Crypto Baseball allows gamers to collect, play, and sell MLB players and teams.

A new player is coming up to bat in the blockchain sphere. The launch of CryptoKitties helped scratch a collecting itch for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and now people can compete with each other while collecting blockchain-based baseball players. Just as the regular baseball season is winding down towards the playoffs, MLB Crypto Baseball is taking the field.

MLB Baseball on the Blockchain

Major League Baseball has teamed up with Lucid Sight to launch MLB Crypto Baseball. This is a blockchain-based collectible game where players collect their favorite baseball players (and even teams).

The basic setup of this Ethereum-based game is that each professional baseball team will release 500 digital versions of its players. This means that 15,000 blockchain baseball players will be released. People can purchase individual players or they can opt to buy a whole team.

The catch is that there is a built-in scarcity. The best players will have the least digital versions of them released. Highly-rated players like Mike Trout might only have seven or eight versions released. The CEO of Lucid Sight, Randy Saaf, says that there will only be one version of certain players. You can bet such players will be the best of the best, not to mention highly coveted by gamers.

How Does MLB Crypto Baseball Work?

The game is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, and gamers will need to spend ETH to buy players. Players that remain unsold will automatically lower in price. If you’re willing to wait, and the player isn’t in demand, you can pick them up cheap. An example is Niko Goodrum of the Detroit Tigers, who recently sold for just 56 cents (0.00118 ETH). By contrast, Matt Chapman of the Oakland A’s is selling for $117.43 (0.24827 ETH).

As stated, you can buy a whole team. The Los Angeles Dodgers is currently on sale for $41,915.31 (88.61962 ETH). For gamers on a budget, they can pick up the Boston Red Sox for a measly $10,872.35 (22.98691 ETH).

The rundown for MLB Crypto Baseball is that the gamer’s digital players will generate points depending upon what the real-life player does in real games. Gamers with winning rosters have the chance to get special collectibles. Collectibles can be awarded if a player does something spectacular in a real-life game, such as pitching a no-hitter or hitting a grand slam.

MLB Crypto Baseball

An interesting facet of the game is that it wants gamers to collect players from the same team. The chances for gaining a collectible go up the more players a gamer has from the same real-life baseball team. Saaf notes:

There will be a benefit to those who can assemble an entire team of say, Yankees or Red Sox. If your team wins, and you’re playing all nine players, you’re guaranteed to generate a collectible.

Gamers can buy and sell their players and collectibles in the game’s market (or anywhere else if they wish). The marketplace will truly determine the value of these digital baseball teams and players. Currently, gamers are selling the full team of the New York Yankees for $9,978.02 (21.09607 ETH) or $19,949.24 (42.17776 ETH).

Will the players in MLB Crypto Baseball hold their value? That depends upon how excited baseball enthusiasts get about the game. These are essentially just digital collectibles, a blockchain version of the traditional baseball card. However, the market for baseball cards has fallen out completely, but perhaps the digital frontier of the blockchain could make collecting MLB players fun.

What do you think about MLB Crypto Baseball? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Lucid Sight.


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