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BBTV Holdings Inc. – a leading monetization company – has launched a new program known as Pay to Crypto that will allow creators to be paid directly in digital assets.

BBTV Holdings Will Pay Content Creators in Digital Money

Among the cryptocurrencies that creators can be paid in are bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD stable coin. This is the first offering of its kind, and it is being provided to creators at a competitive rate. Chairperson and CEO of BBTV Shahrzad Rafati explained in an interview:

Web3 is a big part of the creator economy already, from social tokens to NFTs and cryptocurrency. This is just one step that BBTV is taking to pioneer Web3 solutions for creators in this fast-emerging segment of the creator economy. Receiving a portion or all their monthly earnings in crypto helps creators further diversify their income. Creators have been vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way as their strategic partner. We’re excited to provide Pay to Crypto leveraging Netcoins as a strong platform.

BIGG CEO Mark Binns also put his two cents in, stating:

Cryptocurrency is a powerful way for creators to participate in the Web3 economy. Whether they’re early adopters or making their first foray into crypto, converting their payments from USD into other currencies changes the narrative of what their payments can do. BBTV is an outstanding showcase of the scalability and capability of the Netcoins platform for anyone interested in crypto, not just in Canada but around the world.

Pay to Crypto also includes a feature known as BBTV Fast Pay. While creators can finance their growth through innovative means, the company will also leverage its wide array of content to add gross margin and EBITDA to the enterprise. Joseph Hogue – creator of the program “Let’s Talk Money!” – mentioned:

BBTV’s crypto-payment option is another service innovation from a partner I’ve come to rely on for outside-the-box benefits. Converting payments from USD to crypto, it was up to a week before a transfer was cleared to move into my digital wallet on another platform. Being paid directly in cryptocurrency saves me time and at a minimal charge compared to the multiple transfers from my bank to different wallets. Along with BBTV’s Fast Pay accelerated payment service, the company is taking creator management to a whole new level to empower creators.

Helping Clients Find New Money

Based in Vancouver, Canada, BBTV is a global media and technology firm. The goal of the company is to help all content creators become more successful. Among the creators BBTV works with are global media brands and individuals.

The enterprise seeks to provide end-to-end solutions for its clients designed to drive revenue while boosting innovation so clients can focus purely on creating content. In January of last year, BBTV had more than 600 million global viewers that watched more than 50 billion minutes of video content.

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