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BEFE Coin: Riding the Wave of MEME Hype Innovation


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The ongoing memecoin frenzy took a dip as the crypto market was bleeding over the weekend. Bitcoin (BTC) along with the broader crypto market fell nearly 10% on Saturday.

Despite the current market conditions, markets for top memecoins remain more liquid than earlier this year.

New age memecoins have been all the rage this cycle and BEFE, despite being just a few months old, has made a significant mark in this volatile yet competitive space. With a community of over 50,000 members and counting, BEFE’s strong tokenomics and strategic market positioning set it apart from the other thousands of memecoins flooding this space.

Looking beyond the hype

The average daily trading volume in the leading memecoins has cooled to $3 billion from $5.8 billion in March, which is still significantly higher than $500 million daily in January.

But which memecoin is worth backing in this cycle?

Experts are willing to place their bets on the PEPE of BSC – BEFE. There is much to be expected from this memecoin and the team hasn’t disappointed so far.

BEFE’s strong points include an interesting burn mechanism set in place to maintain the scarcity of the token. Most of the memecoins have an uncapped supply but BEFE has a capped supply of 100B.

BEFE is present on the two major chains – Ethereum and BSC. But that’s not all, the team has just launched SBEFE on SOL! The presale which was organised before this launch was a massive success. The hype behind BEFE is very real with the first few phases of the presale being sold out within hours.

The upcoming exchange listings are worth looking forward to. They act as a good indicator of increased adoption and interest in the market.

BEFE was launched without any presales and zero taxes.

The most popular exchange to buy and trade BEFE currently is Pancakeswap V3 (BSC), where the most active trading pair BEFE/WBNB has a trading volume of $9,137.84 in the last 24 hours.


Experts believe that the price and volume trends might show a tired market in the short term, but market depth is showing that memecoins could have more staying power than some expect.

While BEFE’s long-term price trajectory remains to be seen, the community continues to be really bullish on this project.

But don’t forget, memecoins are notoriously volatile so don’t forget to DYOR!

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