It seems like protests are happening all over the world as of late including in the country of Belarus. The nation has been suffering from political unrest ever since its recent presidential election, and some are turning to bitcoin to ensure they have what they need as they continue the protest agenda.

Belarus Is the Center of Protests… And Bitcoin Love

Things began on a relatively small scale. The protests began on August 8, when a city hall employee named Maria in Pinsk went to a polling station to cast her vote in the election. She wore a white hairband on her wrist as a sign that she would vote against the country’s incumbent president. The rest of her co-workers at city hall did not take too kindly to the gesture and released her from her job duties.

But things didn’t stop there. The election ended with current president Alexander Lukashenko earning another stint as the nation’s leader, and many believe that the election was rigged and that he is not the true winner. Several factories have shut down in protest, while several law enforcement agencies – rather than work to break up the protests – have stepped down from their posts.

In the meantime, people like Maria needed to find new jobs quick. Getting fired for political reasons in Belarus often means not being able to find new work, especially not in one’s current village, but soon after, Maria found out about a new non-profit known as BYSOL. The company offers financial help to assist people involved in protests. Maria quickly applied and received bitcoin for the first time in her life.

The team behind the non-profit showed her what she needed to do to use it. They assisted her in downloading a digital wallet and taught her how to convert the money into fiat. She was able to figure things out rather quickly, and the money she earned was enough for her to get by for a few months as she sought out new work. She was even able to purchase a new computer to help her in her new quest for a position in the world of IT.

Getting Things Up and Going

BYSOL was initially started by several tech executives and civic activists. The company has garnered more than $2 million in donations over the past 30 days alone, and it doesn’t look like the company’s popularity is running dry anytime soon. The firm delves out bitcoin to those who come looking for aid as a means of keeping their identities quiet. Bitcoin cannot be tracked the way cash is, and thus users’ identities are far more silent.

In addition, the company has registered in other parts of Europe rather than Belarus, for doing so would have surely meant that money doled out to users would be confiscated by the nation’s government.

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