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Cryptocurrency is a notoriously complicated and risky asset class, but it doesn’t have to be

Cryptocurrency has earned a global reputation for being volatile and risky, but one of those two things can be easily fixed by BestMixer.io’s game-changing Bitcoin tumbler that was built with real users in mind. Rather than having a user experience akin to hacking a computer mainframe, the BestMixer.io team delivered a service that centers on ease of use.

Risk in the Bitcoin world has meant hacked exchanges, hacked wallets, and lost funds for many users globally. The main reason behind these events and the risk in crypto is based on the unrelenting drive of cybercriminals and groups using blockchain analysis to expose and unearth user identities on the blockchain, leaving users with a harsh truth: cryptocurrency isn’t anonymous after all.

From the moment you decide to enter the market, something critical in your path to becoming a crypto-holder has to happen first – you’ll need to give your personal details and bank account information over to the gateway you decide upon, whether that’s Coinbase, Poloniex, Bithumb, or another. The natural move after purchasing your coins is to then move them off of the exchange and into your wallet. This move is pivotal because it links, in a permanent way, the account associated with your personal details and your crypto wallet. Importantly, this means that with a sophisticated enough actor, this link can be found out and brought to light, leaving users to deal with tax implications or – worse – stolen funds. The BestMixer.io team’s FAQ succinctly explains the threat and their solution.

BestMixer.io defends against blockchain analysis techniques

Emerging blockchain analysis techniques are becoming more sophisticated by the day, making it easier for government agencies to decipher who owns what on the blockchain. BestMixer.io bitcoin tumbler defends against these forms of analyses by sending coins to your wallet which are composed of incredibly small bits of coins from different sources, thus scrambling your coins’ origins forever and giving you the absolute anonymity and freedom you deserve.

Blockchain analysis is the method by which all of your blockchain-based financial activity is linked and drawn into a neatly arranged sequence for observers. BestMixer.io uses an advanced three-tiered pool system (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) to definitively resist blockchain analysis by tumbling coins through reserves composed of differently sourced funds. The Gamma pool, for instance, contains funds sourced exclusively from the BestMixer.io private reserve and from investors’. When you choose to tumble your coins through the Gamma pool, the coins you receive back are made up of guaranteed clean-sourced funds. BestMixer.io is the only legal bitcoin tumbler offering blockchain analysis resistant coins.

Users who have online anonymity on their mind will also appreciate BestMixer.io’s creation of a Tor-version of their website as well as a letter of guarantee delivered with every order signifying the service’s promise of anonymity to clients. Getting started with the web’s most reliable bitcoin tumbler is as simple as watching this step-by-step tutorial on using the BestMixer.io service.

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Website: https://bestmixer.io
Tor: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/
Email: bestmixer@protonmail.com
Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3140140.0

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