Foundation of online casino

The opportunities that the Internet has given for all the world are infinite: communicating, watching, listening, studying, gambling etc. The biggest internet development has come with social services named WEB 2.0.

WEB 2.0 was the first step to global digitalization in all directions. People started working from home, social networks replaced mail and telephones and even Casinos became available to play for everyone: roulette, slots or even monopoly have moved to smartphones and PC’s.

Later the industry faced such issues as regulatory restrictions and obstacles, such as potential fraud and dishonest practices. This caused the development of new technologies called WEB3.0, which could help to improve the gambling experience. The most significant changes were made after the implementation of blockchain and smart contracts. It gave more opportunities: probably fair playing, anonymity and independence in a decentralized system.

How does Blockchain influence Online Gambling?


Blockchain is a kind of a database, where information is collected in blocks. Decentralized system provides better transaction protection, enhanced data security, and complete information transparency.

 Why has blockchain become a promising technology for online gambling?

The blockchain technology solves two main problems of online casinos – provable fairness of bets and payouts transparency. It gives the opportunities to see clearly every bet and stay anonymous. All information that has been written in blockchain is kept there forever.

One more important thing, which blockchain brings to Online Casinos is crypto. Cryptocurrencies also rely on blockchain technology and offer safety, security, and speedy transactions, which are so important for players.

All this led to intensive development of the industry and positively influenced the independence of gambling. Now casinos have no restrictions from payment systems and regulators. Thanks to blockchain development, the level of competition among developers has decreased, which has enabled promising game providers to grow and succeed.

Why BetFury?

More than a year ago BetFury was one of those young and prospective casinos which has grown extremely fast. Today it’s a №1 i-Gaming platform with multicurrency Staking payouts. BetFury is a compilation of Fairness, Volatility and confidence with unique  design and more than 3000 games. BetFury uses the maximum capabilities of blockchain development with an off-chain betting system to provide a number of advantages: scaling of the platform, low commission, min bets and instant transactions.

Use of Blockchain capabilities at BetFury

Instant Transactions

Thanks to the off-chain betting system transactions at BetFury are faster and more transparent. BetFury provides comfortable and fast deposits for every user. There are more than 30 currencies available to deposit on BetFury: BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB, UNI. Since Bitcoin and other cryptos run on blockchain tech, transactions are easy to monitor. No one can manipulate the transaction and so it is safe. However, it’s important to make sure that funds are sent to the right wallet address, while there are different protocols of the same currencies.

Fair Bets

The majority of Casinos use Blockchain to prove bets and check their fairness. BetFury has chosen a different way to use such innovative technology and uses a blockchain-development system with an off-chain betting technology. In such a way BetFury can track fairness of transactions and not add them to blockchain.  Every bet in in-house games on BetFury is absolutely random. Lucky result is generated and mixed with random Server seed. You may see the Hash round before you make a bet in the Fairness section. Users may check the fairness of each betting result.

Blockchain in work

Those who work directly with blockchain functionality can truly estimate the value and importance of it. Supports of BetFury provide the qualitative playing experience and help users to quit usual problems of gambling, transactions troubles and others.
Here is why they value blockchain:

  • Sometimes you may have troubles with depositing, and because of blockchain we could immediately check transaction history in the network.
  • Transactions speed is really fast, especially if we are talking about BSC-based currencies.

More advantages

Daily staking Payouts
Every user on BetFury can mine BFG tokens while playing games. Holders of BFG tokens receive daily payouts from BetFury Staking Pool in 6 currencies: BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT, BTT. According to BetFury’s multicurrency strategy, more than 25 coins were added last month during the Altcoins Spring event.


Every 1st week of the month the BetFury operational team will replenish the main pools from the funds of sub-pools.



Free & Deposit Boxes

Absolutely Free Satoshi and BNB coins fall out from 2 Free Boxes every 20 min. It’s a good start for all newcomers, who want to try their luck at BetFury. Moreover, there is a nice referral bonus – 20% for every referrals’ withdrawal.
Crypto investors can find the opportunity to multiply crypto right there – in Deposit Boxes. Every box has a different price (in different currencies) and different Monthly and Weekly Rates.

Referral Program
The BetFury referral program is a lifetime reward for inviting new people. Players can get up to 15% reward from the platform’s house age. The more friends are invented – the higher is the reward.

The gambling industry is so old that it has been greatly influenced through time. Blockchain is the innovation that has definitely made casinos better, more affordable and more reliable. It has solved the problems of traditional online casinos. BetFury continues developing and implementing cool features to make the gaming experience of each user even more incredible.


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