The popular cryptocurrency gambling platform of all times, BetKing is making history as it prepares itself to relaunch in a new avatar. The platform has been raising funds since the beginning of this month through its ongoing ICO campaign. The campaign that went live on August 7, 2017, has so far raised close to $5 million.

As the ICO entered the final week, BetKing has introduced few new features including the first sports book listing on its platform. The books were opened for one of the most closely followed, Mayweather vs. McGregor UFC mixed martial arts match. The game in which the crowd favorite Mc Gregor lose against Mayweather saw bets worth over 335.9795 BTC made on the brand-new platform.

Among the total funds raised during the ongoing ICO, a significant portion came from Bitcoin contributions. The platform has raised over 774.92 BTCs, 4263.39 ETH tokens and another 703.43 LTCs, with few more days of to go, before the ICO ends on September 4, 2017.

The platform has also announced the completion of its registration process. BetKing is now registered in Costa Rica as BetKing S.R.L with the registration number 3-102-744110.

The ICO participants can continue to purchase the BetKing tokens for the next few days and look forward to earning profits over time. Most of the funds raised during the crowdsale will be utilized by the platform to bankroll the available games. Apart from that, the tokens don’t offer any share in the platform itself or provide its holder with voting rights, like in many other cases.

BetKing hasn’t set any maximum or minimum cap for the tokens during the sale. Investors are free to purchase as many tokens as they wish at the set price. Once the platform is fully functional, it will allocate a portion of the profits generated by bankrolled games to buy back at least 10% of all the tokens in circulation following an audit every quarter.

Apart from bankrolling the games, BetKing will also utilize up to 50% of the funds to conduct, promotions, marketing campaigns, and other events to attract more people on to the platform.

BetKing has already established an excellent track record in the past after making profits worth over 7391 BTC. And, if the success were to repeat, investors stand to earn a small fortune now and then.

More info about BetKing is available on the platform’s website.

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