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Beware of the new Coinbase Phishing Email Detailing a Non-existent Transaction


It appears Coinbase users may be targeted by another phishing campaign. Several users reported receiving a potentially fake email from the company. It is not the first time cryptocurrency exchange users are targeted by criminals. Nor will it be the last time, mind you. Any suspicious email from any Bitcoin company needs to be ignored, that is the safest course of action.

The new Coinbase phishing email is a rather crafty one. It does appear to be completely legitimate. The email seems to come from Coinbase and contains all logos and links to mobile apps one would expect. However, it talks about a bogus transaction which isn’t taking place through the user’s account. Company users can check this information easily through the mobile app or by logging into their account manually.

Another Fake Coinbase Email Makes the Rounds

A transaction worth $2 through Coinbase won’t concern too many people. However, if you didn’t send it and no one else accesses the account, it can be a problem. In this email is also a link to view the transaction. Said link is seemingly redirecting users to a fake Coinbase login page. It is a clever strategy, mind you, but most people will easily spot the fake link. There is no reason to ever click links sent via email, especially not if it pertains a non-existing transaction.

It is evident criminals will keep on targeting cryptocurrency users for some time to come. After all, with cryptocurrency prices rising, they become a more lucrative target. There are a lot of novice users who may not be aware of phishing emails  like this one. It is often the message you think is legitimate which will harm your account balances. Clicking the link in this email will expose your credentials to nefarious individuals. Always use the regular mobile app or log in to the site manually.

Coinbase has seen a lot of growth throughout all of 2017. They are adding thousands of new users every single month. With so many people opening accounts and buying cryptocurrency, there are plenty of targets for criminals to exploit. It is unclear which email list is used for these campaigns though. Rest assured a lot of non-Coinbase users will get this phishing email as well. A very troublesome development worth keeping an eye on, though.

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