Phishing attacks are nothing new in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Scammers and criminals often try to lure bitcoin users to websites so they give up login credentials for specific exchanges and other platforms. The latest phishing email seemingly comes from Coinbase, but it is evident this is nothing more than another attempt to obtain login credentials.

Another Coinbase Phishing Email Attempt

Over the past few years, several bitcoin service providers have been targeted by phishing attacks. has been the most popular one since they provide bitcoin wallet services to tens of thousands of users around the world. Coinbase and Kraken users have been targeted by similar campaigns in the past. Luckily, it is often relatively easy to spot the fake email without much effort.

The latest bitcoin phishing email to make the rounds targets Coinbase users once again. Considering how the exchange will be adding Litecoin soon – or that is the word through the grapevine – it is evident this exchange will get a lot more attention over the coming weeks. That also makes them a prime target for criminals looking to empty users’ wallet balances.

To do so, the criminals need access to Coinbase credentials. Having the exchange is far too difficult, thus a new phishing campaign has been launched instead. In the email, users are asked to click a link – probably to verify any account information – where they will be presented with a copy of the Coinbase website and login page. The people behind the phishing campaign hope to have people enter their credentials on this fake site so they can access their real Coinbase accounts.

Once one clicks the link – such as this Reddit user did – it becomes evident the user is not redirected to the Coinbase exchange by any means. Instead, they will see a domain called cameltra-dingsarl. It is evident this is a half-assed phishing campaign aimed at defrauding Coinbase users. It is unclear how many people have received this email, as most of these campaigns harvest email addresses from popular bitcoin forums and other platforms. Ignore this email if it lands in your inbox, that is the best course of action.

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