Cryptocurrency users are often the target of elaborate scams. Such illicit projects can come in many different forms, including phishing sites, social engineering, et cetera. A new Coinbase scam is making the rounds as we speak, and it seems to be crafted quite cleverly. This new scam trying to mimic the official site quite well. Additionally, emails are sent from an email address that is pretty similar to the real deal.

Coinbase users know all too well how dangerous scams can be. This company is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange as of right now. As such, it is also a primary target for hackers and other criminals. With the number of phishing sites on the rise, various Coinbase clones have come and gone in recent years. It seems a new variant is making the rounds, albeit one that may be slightly more successful.

Another Coinbase Scam Appears

More specifically, the new scam mimics the real site, like one would expect. Additionally, the email sent to trick users into visiting this site looks pretty legitimate too. The only difference is how this is “coinbase.coml” instead of the real deal. Even so, it is doubtful most people would see the difference right away.  Paying attention to these small details is of the utmost importance in the cryptocurrency world.

One strange aspect is why the email is sent from the scam domain. After all, spoofing an email address has become a lot easier. The senders can easily “mask” it as a message from For some unknown reason, they decided not to tap into this option.It makes it slightly easier for potential victims to spot the fake site, though, which can only be considered to be a good thing.

How the scammers obtained this email list, remains unknown. It is possible this message is being sent to a lot of users at random, in the hopes of obtaining money in the end. It seems that effort will be in vain, at least when people pay close attention. There is never any reason why Coinbase would send an email containing a link to their own website. Keeping that rule in mind, scams will never have a chance at succeeding in the cryptocurrency world.

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