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Big News for Bitgert Investors: +400% Price Surge on the Horizon


Bitgert: The Lesser Known Altcoin King!

Bitgert (BRISE) is a crypto engineering company with all its products and solutions touching on blockchain technology and audits, meant to uplift the investor’s benefit through BUSD staking rewards and a smart buy-back mechanism promoting scarcity of the token to appreciate the price. In just 200 days from inception, Bitgert has produced a wallet for its BEP20/ERC20 tokens, launched services to audit and even support leaderboards, a token swap function, staking, and even an exchange of its own, along with a custom blockchain.

The BRISE token is active in the markets, and it can be traded in exchanges like PancakeSwap, which has an astonishing 24-hour volume of $72,934.92 for the pair BRISE/WBNB. However, it recorded a -2.30% 24-hour drop in volumes, and it now stands at $2,097,589, which could account for the minor plunge in daily market activity. While Bitgert’s price was way off the all-time high, it still had an impressive climb from the all-time low, pointing out the token’s volatility and potential for growth. The fully diluted valuation for Bitgert is closing in on $93 million. Recent price action has Bitgert lagging both its peers and the wider market. However, the platform and its offerings may signal a recovery with added growth.

Key Factors Ushering Bitgert’s Popularity

Enthusiastic Investor Base: BRISE is held by over 189,000 investors worldwide. This indicates the firmness of market sentiments towards the project’s continued success.

Diversified exchange listings: Enthusiasts can buy Bitgert coins from multiple leading exchanges, including Kucoin, Gate.io, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap, which portrays seamless accessibility and multiplying project confidence. The coin is getting listed on Binance soon.

Steadfast Innovation: The team behind Bitgert has already developed multiple products, including their personal Exchange (Bitgert Exchange), Realestate Marketplace, Paybrise, BRISE Swap, and BRISE staking. They are further committed to formulating innovation-driven solutions covering the domains of DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0, and Metaverse.

Engagements and partnerships: Rumors of the Bitgert team to form influential partnerships and engagements with popular blockchain exchanges and prominent establishments are in the limelight, which projects the long-term standing of the ecosystem.

Bitgert’s 7-Day Historical Data Analysis

A week back, the performance of Bitgert was quite active in the market, having a cap of $96,107,069 on the 27th of March, while the past day was evaluated at $95,034,497, with its price remaining lower at $0.000000243592 than the $0.000000236637. However, by March 29th, the price surged to $0.000000249158, growing at a rate higher than that of the market cap to $93,725,903. By March 31st, the bullish trend had slightly reversed, with the price correcting against stable market cap fluctuations to $0.000000236347. 1st April, they had receded a bit to a market cap of $93,467,497 and a price of $0.000000226509.


As of 2nd April, Bitgert’s price reflects an 89,668,832 market capital. The readings show wild swings both at the bullish peaks and at corrective dips compared to a week earlier. Such projects a +400% price surge potential for Bitgert, provided buy-ins are dreaded with caution and continuous market analysis.

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