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Binance Executive Detained in Nigeria Suffers Further Health Deterioration, Says Family


It has been months since the Nigerian government detained Tigran Gambaryan, Binance’s head of compliance, in Kuje Prison. His wife, Yuki Gambaryan, has complained of continuing health deterioration, stating he is now suffering from “numbness in his foot as well as back pain.”

Yuki Gambaryan also mentioned the “double pneumonia and malaria” he contracted in prison. Despite the grave health issues mounting on top of each other, Gambaryan was only taken to a medical facility once. Reports from the visit are still not public.

Clearly, Gambaryan is not receiving the needed care at Kuje Prison, a correctional facility that holds some of the most notorious criminals, including members of the terrorist group Boko Haram. It is a common belief that his arrest and extended detention are unfair since he was not a decision-maker at Binance.

“As I have stated many times before and as the evidence in court is showing, Tigran has never been a decision-maker at Binance, and there is no justification for his continued detention,” Yuki Gambaryan mentioned.

US legislators Rep. French Hill (R-Ark.) and Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Penn.) advocated for his release, speaking about his innocence when they visited Nigeria last month. A few days earlier, the tax charges he was being held on were dropped.

However, the money laundering charges remain, with an ongoing trial in which the first witness, an executive of the Nigerian Securities and Exchanges Commission, was cross-examined. The trial will continue on July 5.

As there is no way to know when Gambaryan will be released, if he will be, his health conditions and the lack of treatment are very concerning. Justice Emeka Nwite, overseeing Gambaryan’s case, has ordered prison officials to share records of his medical visit with his lawyers, but to no avail. In the last hearing at court, she ordered them to do so again.

Image by SAMUEL GABRIEL from Pixabay


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