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Binance Is Preparing to be the NYSE in Cryptocurrency Industry


The 4th Global Blockchain Summit 2017 successfully held on August 16, 2017, witnessing a massive representation of stakeholders belonging to various industries and specialized niches focused on the blockchain innovations. Presenting “The Age of Blockchain Exchange 2.0” at the Summit, Binance’s co-founder, Yi He, informed the participants and attendants about Binance’s extensive growth strategies and the ways the company is preparing itself to be the NYSE in cryptocurrency industry.

About Binance

As stated by Yi He, the blockchain assets have entered the 2.0 age and Binance, in view of the massive prospects, is getting ready to be the NYSE in the market. Binance is the new exchange platform that solely deals in coin-to-coin transactions, avoiding fiat pairs and hence avoiding Chinese regulations. To be complied with a standard in mature digital asset, Binance would just list coins that fulfills its rigid criteria. The platform having first traded assets as Ether, Bitcoin and NEO, is expected to be launched soon.

Separating the Exchange 1.0 & Exchange 2.0

The co-founder of Binance also asserts that people know about the traditional exchange and the company wants to separate the exchange into two phases; exchange 1.0 and exchange 2.0. Exchange 1.0 allows the exchange of fiat money with BTC and another crypto currency, quite similarly the way currency conversion business works.

What’s the New Model Binance is going to launch?

At Binance, people deposit bitcoin in their Binance account and then can trade these just like stocks are traded over the stock exchange. The company has already realized the emergence of a Bitcoin NYSE or NASDAQ age, and is following the NYSE’s footprints to revolutionize the blockchain asset industry. The coins purchased from Binance are comparable to the shares bought on the stock exchange.

Binance to Back High-quality ICO Projects

Binance, being the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange, serves as a great platform for high-quality ICO projects, along with blockchain media and blockchain fund. Only highest quality projects will be picked by Binance ICO platform, for the investors. The ICO platform will be released soon, with first, second and third project as TRON, Liuliang ore by QvodPlayer, and Yan Mu by, respectively.

The BABI Finance

Binance is also set to launch BABI Finance, a video media for blockchain and “100 blockchain celebrities” project, with an aim to spread awareness regarding blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency among people.

Binance blockchain fund

The chosen projects coins will be put on Binance exchange, which will be promoted in the market by Binance media for helping them develop their ecosystem. The ecosystem will accept payment in BnB including fund, primary and secondary market and media.

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Yashu Gola
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