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Bit Degree Founder on the Future of Crypto


Danielius Stasiulis – the CEO of Bit Degree – said in a recent interview that traditional finance isn’t going to exist without cryptocurrency in the coming future.

Bit Degree CEO: Crypto Can Only Bolster Finance

Bit Degree went live in 2018. Stasiulis says a lot has changed in the world of crypto since then, a big one being that more people are looking to learn about it. He also says that many people have changed their learning methods in the process. He stated:

Today, when we talk about crypto and blockchain, we still assume it is in the early adoption phase, despite the massive growth that we have seen recently. When we launched the Bit Degree platform in early 2018, the situation was radically different. Even as pioneers of crypto education, we were somewhat too early. There was a general lack of interest in learning about crypto and even less aptitude among users to use crypto payments. We made some adjustments to appeal to a wider audience [and] introduced courses on various digital skills and began building a digital-savvy community supported through blockchain technology, using various forms of tokenization, such as allowing fiat and token payments, offering extra incentives to use the latter, and various scholarships, and we implemented an early learn2earn model rewarding our students for course completion.

Stasiulis also shed light on the metaverse, saying it’s going to become one of the biggest trends in the tech sector. He believes it will not only go mainstream, but truly affect one’s daily learning in the crypto world:

The metaverse is here already. We just don’t know how to look for it. I believe at the very essence of the metaverse stands the following: digital asset ownership, user-generated and user-centered content, as well as transparency and transferability. We already have that now in various crypto ecosystems, and the Metaverse or different sorts of metaverses will only change the way we interact in the digital world. In Learnoverse, our own learning metaverse, we will add different layers for interaction to make learning experiences more immersive, an ability to come and earn in the Learnoverse with your unique personal assets and fully operate there as well as take and display your NFT diplomas whenever you like.

How to Learn More About Crypto

Lastly, he discussed what advantages were available to users of Bit Degree and the Learnoverse:

We are not here just to build yet another learning platform. We are here to radically transform education in crypto, with crypto, for crypto, and the Learnoverse is a rather natural next step for a more immersive and rewarding user experience. For example, if you enroll in a course at Learnoverse, you will not only receive the course and the textbooks, but you will also be able to directly contact your professor as well as your fellow students on the platform.


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