As we know that today’s businesses are heavily relying on a unified operating system for their blockchain based activities, there is no wonder why a recent crowdsale of BitCAD has successfully raised $1 Million just within an hour the crowdsale started. One reason behind increasing adoption of such operating system is that it can easily be deployed like traditional SaaS (Software as a Service). For beginners, BitCAD is a multi-use smart platform that businesses can quickly integrate into their present business and IT infrastructure. The platform is Ethereum blockchain based and lets businesses automate their processes, eliminating the presence of legal and financial intermediaries. Not just huge amount of resources and time is saved this way, but labor intensive processes are also made less repetitive.

Behind the $1M Funds raised

We can see a lot of contributing factors behind the $1M raised in this crowdsale.

  • The Regulated Smart Contracts

The smart contracts executed on BitCAD enhance compliance mechanism with prevalent regulatory frameworks and develop a decentralized trust network, creating a reliable professional relationship among parties. The BitCAD network’s distributed nature brings data integrity and binding contractual relationship among parties that cannot be breached.

  • Dispute Resolution Solutions

The BitCAD platform also offers the dispute resolution solutions having complete electronic arbitration, story based arbitration in conflict cases and external intermediaries.

  • Tectum

To ensure easy integration, BitCAD has focused on its twin-project named Tectum. The project is developed to introduce global integration of this blockchain platform via APIs, which is already getting popular among various industry segments including banking systems, governance, trade platforms & exchanges, insurance, taxation and CRM systems.

The crowdsale is going on…

As the company is working on giving final touches to the platform with an inclusion of various new features, there is a huge opportunity for the cryptocurrency investors and community members to get enrolled in the system and exploit the benefits. The ICO will keep going on for another 29 days and it has raised around $1 million just within an hour it went live.

The investors taking part in this ICO are given the choice to invest either in Ethereum or Bitcoin. No matter what, the amount raised will be used for further marketing and growth oriented opportunities for the investors. If you are also an interested investor who wants to take a part in this ICO, the door is still open. Visit the platform official site right away.


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