The world of Japanese manga and cryptocurrency collide in Shonen Crypto, a comic book based upon virtual currencies and blockchain technology.

When one thinks about cryptocurrency, comic books don’t readily spring to mind. However, a new Japanese manga is being launched that focuses on the world of virtual currencies but adding a superhero twist.

Bitcoin as a Superhero

The cryptocurrency-themed manga is called Shonen Crypto, and it’s available online for free. The manga is the brainchild of editor-in-chief Taro, who plans on releasing an issue roughly every month.

Shonen Crypto

The goal of Shonen Crypto is to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency and its underlying technology. The title began with 10 people working on it, but Taro states that the team has now increased to 20 individuals.

The first issue features a mix of action and information. The first part of the comic features Bitcoin Senpai, a crypto-themed hero who saves Shitcoin Boy from a beating. Bitcoin Senpai will lead the Crypto Heroes as they fight against fiat currencies in future issues.

History and Info

The comic is much more than superhero action. There are a number of sections detailing some of the history of cryptocurrency, not to mention an article on the life of a high-interest masternode.

As for background information, there is a section detailing the McAfee Pump, wherein the internet madman used to pump altcoins. There’s a section detailing the Mt. Gox bankruptcy and another section on the Bitconnect scam. A couple of sections, dApps for your smartphone and BTCFX for beginners, are still being translated into English.

An amusing chapter in Shonen Crypto is that of a schoolgirl, Karen, being taught about Bitcoin from Hakase (which is a Japanese word for a professor). Hakase invests in Bitcoin to increase his funds for research and paints a rosy picture of everyone becoming wealthy through crypto. However, all does not end well as the price of Bitcoin falls, causing Hakase to fall into despair (something that current crypto investors can sympathize with!).

Overall, Shonen Crypto is an interesting concept. The manga is available for free here, but English readers will have to wait for the Japanese version to be translated.

What do you think about a cryptocurrency-themed comic book? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shonen Crypto, Twitter/@ShonenCryptoEng, and Shutterstock.

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