Bitcoin is now hovering at around $222.  That’s about one or two dollars more than where it was yesterday.

Bitcoin has undergone some serious injuries during the past few weeks.  It has fallen down to below $200, then rose again after licking its wounds and while it is better off now than it was in January, there is still a lot of recovering to do.

Now with this $2 raise, it would appear that the digital currency is taking baby steps along the road to healing, and it may be a while before a significant change in its overall demeanor is witnessed by those who love it, depend on it and need it.

We as bitcoin enthusiasts are now in a nursing position that is going to require our utmost patience and servitude.  It is our job to nurse bitcoin back to health and see that it returns to the mountaintop where it once resided so confidently.  If we require it and invest in it as much as we say we do (in other words, if our vision of it hasn’t dwindled), then it is our job to bring it back up to the standards we have set for it.  Anything and anyone can reach a goal that’s been placed before them, but sometimes it needs the hand of a few kind strangers in order to reach its destination.

So when we see the current price of bitcoin, let’s not feed it with worry and fear and negative thoughts.  Let’s keep a positive aura surrounding bitcoin, and perhaps with all our efforts put together, a light at the end of bitcoin’s tunnel will soon make itself visible.

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