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Bitcoin Block 448064 Contains An Unusual Love Letter


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Bitcoin and blockchain technology can be used to do many different things. Albeit most people are focused on the financial side of things, the Bitcoin network is also a communication tool that creates eternal tamper-proof records. One user took it upon himself to express love for someone else by sending small Bitcoin transactions to custom-generated wallet addresses.

Showing Your Love With Bitcoin

Block number 448064 on the Bitcoin blockchain is a piece of art in its own right. Somebody sent a lot of small Bitcoin transactions to different addresses. If one looks closely at the recipient addresses, it becomes evident the addresses themselves spell out a particular message. In this case, the message is the following:

“Dayah Dover, your personality is unmatched, your intelligence just shines, you can do things few people can, and you’re always just gorgeous. You are really my entire world, giving my life meaning and fun. Dayah, I love you1!!!!!!! Forever !!!!!!”

Quite an intriguing way to express your love for someone, yet it also showcases the power of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Although this is one of the “first’ love letters on the Bitcoin blockchain, not everyone seems to see it that way. The Bitcoin community on Reddit seems somewhat appalled by this technique to express love or to be more precise, by the recipient of the message.

Creating Bitcoin vanity addresses allow people to embed messages in a Bitcoin address without friction. Doing so requires either a lot of computation power or some money to “buy” the addresses in question. Generating a total of 11 vanity addresses will easily set you back US$200, if not more. Some people may see this as “excessive and useless,” even though one has to appreciate the thought put into this show of affection.

That being said, vanity addresses have specific limits as to how “deep” they can go regarding generating one. Most of the output addresses found in this particular transaction are impossible to generate, which means the outputs of the transfer are unspendable. This reduces the time to generate such addresses, as the rest of them technically do not “exist.” Or to be more precise, no one has the private key for these addresses, making the funds in their balances unspendable.

Additionally, it appears there is a hidden meaning to the transaction amounts included in the transactions as well. Every TX is for the same amount of 0.00314159 Bitcoin. A closer look at that number will show how this related to pi, a number that goes on forever and ever. A nice touch to express your undying love for someone else, even though using Bitcoin and the blockchain may creep some people out for sure.

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