Bitcoin (BTC) has yet to make a decent showing following weeks of instability. In major markets around the world as of this writing, the premiere crypto is near the $4,000 mark at $3,900 although some exchanges have pegged it around $3,850.

It’s rival Ethereum (ETH) likewise has to make an impression itself, with a so-so breach beyond the $140 border early this morning; some analysts think the crypto might hit $150 before sessions end. Bitcoin Cash is not far behind, even Bitcoin SV, which just reached $68 after $155 million in trades.

Among the leading digital currencies, only four were performing badly: One was Paxos Standard, while the other three go by the name of Aurora, Ark and Power Ledger.

Together, these cryptos made a paltry $50 million in a 24-hour volume, and Ark was the single top decliner, shedding 15 pct. This may be the result of investors converting their assets to Bitcoin or Ethereum, and trying to stay afloat.

How are the others faring?

Meanwhile, here’s a quick overview of bitcoins and other coins trading in the market today:

BTC nearly had $10 billion in total market volume as Bulls ushered Monday rather impatiently. The premier digital money made a slow climb late last night, Eastern time, but that’s all it could muster.

Bitcoin Cash was the solid gainer for the day, trailed by Bitcoin SV. Ethereum, which earned more than $10 in other markets, paced along with Bitcoin and rallied a few notches up.

Litecoin is also making its presence felt just below BTC percentage-wise courtesy of its lower value and made a little over $1.3 billion in volume during the last day.

Meanwhile, Binance had another rough day inching upwards, but it’s moving and that’s not a bad sign.

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