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Bitcoin Comments by JP Morgan CEO Dixon are a Clear Sign of Bankers’ Frustration


Most cryptocurrency users have heard of how Jamie Dixon recently called Bitcoin a fraud. That is not a popular by any means. Even some of his former colleagues state how his statement is “bullsh*t”. It is evident statements like the one by Dixon are an example of how banks grow frustrated. Bitcoin continues to appreciate in value and they see no reward from this trend. The respect people have for the JP Morgan CEO is also dwindling rapidly as we speak.

It is evident the statement by Jamie Dixon caused a lot of friction. The JP Morgan CEO calling Bitcoin a fraud is pretty funny. After all, his own bank has been involved in money laundering schemes more often than people care to count. Then again, this statement comes at an interesting time. China is cracking down on ICOs and any platform associated with such projects. Dixon was seemingly trying to trigger a major Bitcoin crash, even though his words carry little weight. Referring to Bitcoin as something “worse than tulip bulbs” will not help matters either.

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dixon is Clearly Frustrated

The fraud part is not what irks so many people, mind you. It is the part where Dixon calls Bitcoin a tool for murderers and drug dealers. These absurd comments make absolutely no sense whatsoever. In fact, they are borderline ravings of a lunatic who is losing all sense of self-control. Bitcoin is not a currency for corruption and crime whatsoever. HSBC was recently fined $1.9bn for laundering money for famous drug cartels. This bank has a close relationship with JP Morgan. There was no Bitcoin involved in these laundering efforts, mind you.

Moreover, Dixon states how Bitcoin needs to be “closed”. This is another one of those odd statements. There is nothing to close in the first place. It’s not a fund or financial institution. There is no CEO or board of directors either. Bitcoin is all of us and we all a bit Bitcoin. This is clearly a statement by someone who is stuck in a narrow way of thinking. Considering how he controls one of the biggest banks in the world, that is quite disconcerting. In fact, it makes one question whether or not he is capable to be CEO of JP Morgan in the first place.

Everyone can see bankers are growing frustrated with Bitcoin. Not because Bitcoin is performing poorly, but just because it is doing so well with bank intervention.  Anything that works beyond the grasp of banks will irk the beyond belief. Jamie Dixon is a perfect illustration of how deep the hatred against Bitcoin runs. While he may be one of the few to publicly make such bogus claims, his sentiments are shared by others. Bitcoin is here to stay and will be here well after JP Morgan and its CEO were made obsolete.

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