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Bitcoin Event TAB Conf Will Soon Take Place in Atlanta


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Two crypto developers are establishing a new bitcoin-centered conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be a reimagining of the TAB Conf gathering that’s occurred every year for the last five years within the capital city.

TAB Conf Is Almost Here

TAB Conf is still set to occur at the end of 2023. The event allows members of the public to recommend specific crypto-related topics that they would like to discuss and hear about. This new conference will be more open-source and feature subjects relating to the open-source nature of bitcoin, which the developers seem to think has been dying out over time.

Co-founder of TAB Conf LLC Brandon Iglesias gave his initial ideas regarding the event in an interview. He stated:

Anyone can open an issue, and the issues are not selected based on whether a sponsor decides to give us money or whether a person has a certain status in the community. The issues are solely chosen based on merit.

Both he and his fellow co-founder Michael Tidwell developed TAB Conf in 2018. The event was established through a long meetup series they initially organized to get more people interested in the growing crypto space. Iglesias also serves as the director of product at decentralized storage firm Storj, while Tidwell is the director of infrastructure at the bitcoin gaming and payments firm Zebedee (which has recently put out a bitcoin-centered version of chess).

Iglesias continued his statement with:

What we’re doing is we’re having people go on to a GitHub repository and submit ideas for workshops and panels and talks that they want to either see at the conference or give at the conference. This is all public and transparent… The level of detail and time potential speakers put into their issues will show and help us decide what issues will bring the most value to the TAB Conf 2023 attendees. If we don’t select an issue with a lot of conversation or emojis compared to the rest, the attendees at least have transparency and can hold us accountable.

A Strong, Five-Year History

When TAB Conf first debuted, it attracted more than 500 attendees and featured several dozen speakers. Among them were bitcoin core developers Andrew Chow, Gloria Zhao, and Murch and Pieter Wuille. Jeremy Rubin, a developer, also discussed the growing world of bitcoin smart contracts. At that stage, said contracts were predominantly associated with Ethereum.

Before now, the job of coming up with the agenda to be featured in each conference lied on the shoulders of the event’s organizers, though now, both Iglesias and Tidwell are letting the public have more of a hand in deciding how and where the event should operate and the directions it should move in. This, they say, brings the democratic nature of bitcoin more front and center.

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