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Bitcoin Foundation Expands by Adding 3 More to the Board


Bitcoin Foundation, the nonprofit bitcoin promotion, standardization and protection body has recently announced the addition of three new board positions recently. The controversy ridden organization has confirmed that the body has opened up the additional board positions to Vinny Lingam-the CEO and co-founder of the leading gift card marketplace, Michael Perkin- president of C4 and Francis Pouliot, the CEO of Satoshi Portal.

With the addition of new members, Bitcoin Foundation has also made changes to the organizational structure by adding an International Member Seat and two additional individual member seats. Vinny Lingam now holds the international member seat while the other two are assigned the individual member status on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation.

There have been few drastic changes made to the way the Bitcoin Foundation operates. Earlier, affiliate chapters across the world were required to pay for the membership and enter a revenue sharing agreement with the Bitcoin Foundation. By removing the fees and revenue sharing agreement, Bitcoin Foundation will reduce the burden on affiliates, encouraging them to focus more on working towards fulfilling the core principles of the foundation.

Bitcoin Foundation has also made changes to its mission statement. The new mission statement is created by keeping in mind the foundation’s outlook for the coming year. It stands for the organizations various activities and the significance of its very existence explained clearly to the general public and the bitcoin community.

According to the new statement, the mission Bitcoin Foundation is to help in the advancement of bitcoin and blockchain technology by educating people about the digital currency though its global outreach programs. The Bitcoin education program will focus on three major areas, viz. fostering core development, further education and adoption and working to limit harmful regulations and encourage technical rather than regulatory solutions. The mission statement is also available for review on GitHub.



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