The Bitcoin gambling industry is currently one of the digital currency industries that have been more successful. Since the first time Bitcoin appeared many were the Casinos popping out using Bitcoin as its main feature and as the base for its business model.

It was back on 2012 that the Bitcoin gambling Industry started to grow at full steam. One of the first Bitcoin casinos which today is still an icon for the Bitcoin Gambling industry is Satoshi Dice. However, Satoshi Dice was a pretty simple gambling site which only offered customers a simple game of dice and nothing more than that.

Soon after, Dragon’s Tale was launched and brought a novelty to the industry. This Casino was different from any other casino. Dragon’s Tale developed a new gambling style by mixing two popular online gambling genres: role-play adventure and gambling. At that time the site was considered as a remarkable innovation for the Bitcoin gambling industry and up until now has been a reference and one of the leading sites in the industry.

Today, the Bitcoin gambling industry is generating millions and the market is becoming overcrowded. Sadly, the market is also polluted and what we have seen of innovation after Dragon’s Tale so far has been close to zero. However, there are new industries preparing to come into play.

Outside of the gambling scene, crypto currencies are also entering the gaming scene. There have been some other developments such as Huntercoin or Spells of Genesis. The entry of not only the VR industry and the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring a lot of new markets and the potential for innovation is astonishing. The VR industry should probably become a new and natural environment for digital Currency to thrive and stimulate new developments within the cryptocurrency gambling scene.

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Bitcoin is thought to be perfect for gambling and is another significant way to acquire Bitcoins because it allows making small bets/fractions which is great when you play games for fun or as a hobby. Experienced gambler or not, you should be always vigilant and not bet more than you can allow losing.

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