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Bitcoin for Gambling: Pros and Cons


Without a doubt, the web-based gaming marketing is skyrocketing and evolving by the day, as online casinos are regularly increasing their game selection, bonuses as well as promotions for players to enjoy. Hence, both seasoned and new players get to relish in an incredible environment to place their stake levels, enjoy exceptional customer support and prompt payouts.

Nevertheless, there are online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a new unique feature. As such, there are a plethora of games which you can partake in via Bitcoin, and for a fact, a myriad of casinos are trying to get a piece of this delicious pie. In a nutshell, it is an activity which exudes convenience more so because virtual currencies such as this one offer a top notch level of privacy and security in comparison to the conventional currencies. Keeping that in mind, we will delve into the pros and cons of using this renowned digital currency.

The Pros of Using Bitcoin

  • Unrivaled Privacy– As mentioned earlier, this digital money guarantees phenomenal privacy, as no third party has access to your personal as well as financial data, which is very crucial. Furthermore, players do not incur the additional costs that they would frequently encounter when transacting using credit and debit cards. Hence, this also makes it more cost effective.
  • Instant Deposits and Withdrawals- As you know, the deposits to online casinos occur in the blink of an eye, whereas, withdrawals may take 2 to 7 days, depending on your banking choice. However, a significant advantage when using Bitcoin is that gamblers can conduct both deposits and withdrawals in a heartbeat. Hence, the retrieval of earnings occurs in a short span of a few seconds. Upon sending some money to the gaming platform’s Bitcoin address, the particular amount is then transferred after confirmation.
  • Not recognized- The fact that there is no country across the globe which has acknowledged Bitcoin as a real bankroll currency can be a double-edged sword. Nevertheless, you should note that when you transact via this digital currency, you will not incur any additional taxation costs, which is quite fantastic. The major reason for this is due to the fact that deposits and withdrawals are cheap and instant as mentioned earlier, in addition to not owing banks any transaction fees.
  • Anonymity- The anonymity associated with this currency automatically means that players in jurisdictions with strict gambling regulations can partake in the excitement freely, without the worrying about these regulations. Additionally, this anonymity also means that for instance, Mr. Smith does not know how much Mrs. Smith is spending on online slot machines. The anonymity can also come in quite handy when it comes to countries in which players incur substantial taxation costs as mentioned earlier.
  • Fairness in Gambling- For a fact, gambling via Bitcoins does not mean that as a player, you must sacrifice the benefit of provable fairness in gaming. As such, it is through using popular Bitcoin casinos such as the one mentioned earlier that you are confident of equality in betting under a provably fair system.
  • No limits in betting- As you know, Bitcoins comprise of 8 decimal places in total in which you may bet with as little or as much money as you choose. Thus, this flexibility instantly means that you no longer have to encounter the hassle of meeting any wagering requirements to withdraw your earnings or attempt to place one last wager against your instincts before retrieving your winnings.

The Cons of Betting With Bitcoin

  • Anonymity– While anonymity may be an advantage it also poses as a disadvantage. With that in mind, the fact that clients use Bitcoin for its anonymity, it can also be utilized in the masking of the identity of a casino using this currency, including a mobile one. Therefore, it is essential to conduct your due diligence before putting down any deposit, by looking into the company’s location as well as its reviews in online forums.
  • The acquisition of this currency– For a fact, the purchase of Bitcoins can prove to be quite a challenge. For instance, a cornucopia of exchanges will require bettors to provide various forms of verification before permitting them to make a trade. In turn, this compromises the anonymity of betting via this currency, more so, because all transactions are open source. What this means is that if the identity of one person’s identity occurs, this may also risk the exposure of all other individuals in the block chain.

Potentially Instability- Despite the fact that a coterie of new casinos transacting with this currency may be legit, the unregulated nature of these gaming platforms automatically means that in a few instances these casinos may lack enough liquidity to keep afloat. Thus, they may end up closing which means your risk of losing all your invested Bitcoins.


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