As consumers embrace cryptocurrency more, it has become a reliable alternative to fiat transactions. Online gambling is one of the sectors that is enjoying the dramatic popularity of digital coins. Presently, gamblers the world over can pay with various cryptocurrencies to play casino games. Bitcoin has been the fastest coin that operators adopted for gambling. However, it’s not the only one. Ethereum is slowly becoming a preferred alternative to Bitcoin. An increasing number of online casinos are accepting Ethereum, which gives gamblers more choices to enjoy fast, secure and convenient gambling.

If you have ever heard of Bitcoin, then you must have an idea about Ethereum or ETH. The two coins have been going head-to-head for several years. Ethereum is second to Bitcoin in market capitalisation and some experts anticipate that it might soon surpass the competition. Bitcoin has been soaring in value in the better part of 2020 and 2021, and Ethereum has been growing right along with it. So, it’s not surprising that ETH is one of the top altcoins offered at crypto gaming websites. How does Ethereum casino gambling work, though? Keep reading to find out.

The Distinction between Ethereum and Bitcoin

A common question when talking about altcoins is how they are different from Bitcoin. If they are all digital currencies, why should a gambler be motivated to use one and not the other? Therefore, learning how Ethereum works is critical. Ethereum is a blockchain network with its own cryptocurrency – Ethereum (ETH). The currency uses the decentralised public ledger to verify and record transactions. One difference that Ethereum has from Bitcoin is that it is programmable. The platform has its language called Solidity that can be used to create, publish and use applications such as video games. Some circles refer to the decentralised applications as dapps. Users have to pay fees called ‘gas’ to use these apps. Ethereum’s programmable blockchain serves as a marketplace for apps, games and financial services with Ether as the payment method.

Speed is another reason ETH is a practical alternative to BTC. Ethereum transactions take an average of 16 seconds compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin. When depositing and withdrawing at an online casino, speed is always a concern. A quick look at an Etherum Casino review by Martin Hill should give you an idea of the duration on selected sites. Another distinction to consider is the smart contract technology on the Ethereum blockchain network, which makes it more versatile than BTC. While the Bitcoin blockchain was developed specifically for cryptocurrency, Ethereum’s was built to support all types of applications that can be paid for using the Ether currency.

Types of Ethereum Gaming Sites

Before beginning the search for the best ETH online casinos, you should know the different kinds available. All Ethereum casinos don’t operate the same. You can find Ethereum-friendly operators that allow customers to deposit funds using the digital coin, but then convert them to fiat currency. They also let users withdraw using Ethereum. Such operators provide bonuses, promotions and other rewards in traditional currency. Ethereum-friendly casinos are suitable for novices in crypto gambling because they make gaming uncomplicated.

The other type of casino accepts ETH as payment and allows gamblers to play with the same currency. These casinos have exclusive Ethereum games. An Ethereum gambling site can be fully crypto, meaning that it only accepts digital coins or hybrid, which supports both fiat and virtual currency. When picking a gaming platform, decide which one serves your needs best.

Ethereum Bonuses

Online casinos that accept Ethereum offer various bonuses and promotions. A big advantage of cryptocurrency platforms is that they have attractive bonus offers. Thanks to the low transaction fees and fast processing, operators can afford to give out sizeable rewards. A good casino should have different types of bonuses from which to choose. Bonuses can be in the form of funds, free spins or loyalty points. Welcome offers are the most common and tend to be generous since operators are looking to attract new users. In most instances, these are deposit matches. Reload offers are given when customers make subsequent deposits. Casinos also give cashback or rebates where players receive a percentage of their money back after losing. Bonuses come with individual terms that you should consider carefully before claiming any offer.

Probably Fair Games

One thing that remains consistent when gambling with crypto, whatever the currency, is to stick to probably fair games. Fraud is always a concern when gambling, particularly online. Players have to be certain that casinos don’t rig games to rip money off of users. Operators implement various measures to ensure the fairness of products. In cryptocurrency gambling, a system is put in place to allow gamblers to verify game fairness. A cryptographic hash function lets players check if games have been tampered with.

The verifier is easy to use, even beginners in cryptocurrency gambling won’t have any trouble with it. When searching for Ethereum casinos, you should always confirm if the operator has provably fair gaming solutions. The game selection is the same as in any other online casino. So, players can expect to find virtual slots, card games, table games, scratch cards, bingo, poker and a host of other specialty offerings. The specific preferences of a gambler will determine the best sites depending on the available games.

Ethereum is one of the leading digital coins used for crypto gambling. With the currency slowly closing the market capitalisation gap it has with Bitcoin, more consumers are turning to Ethereum transactions. Gamblers can find a good number of casinos that accept Ethereum and leverage the benefits of playing with crypto.


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