Various television shows have made Bitcoin references over the years. Not all of those mentions are positive by any means. In a recent episode of Billions, an interesting mention of Bitcoin and the Ledger hardware wallet was made. It doesn’t necessarily put cryptocurrency in a positive spotlight, but it’s not derogatory either.

Billions is quickly becoming a very popular TV show in the United States. The show touches upon some interesting financial concepts every now and then. As such, a cryptocurrency mention was bound to show up sooner or later. In the most recent episode, that mention revolves around a Ledger hardware wallet and a $1m cryptocurrency trade. It is an interesting showcase of what cryptocurrency is capable of.

A Positive Crypto Shoutout by Billions

It remains to be seen if this mention brings more positive attention to the industry. Various TV shows have given Bitcoin and altcoins a bad reputation over the years. Most of the mentions revolve around illegal activity, ransom, theft, and so forth. This particular Billions episode is very different in this regard. Without spoiling too much, it is well worth watching the episode as a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

This episode also teaches a very valuable lesson. A lot of cryptocurrency users don’t take their wallet security all that seriously. A hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano, can be invaluable in the future. However, one also has to buy directly from the manufacturer instead of dealing with third parties. There is no reason for anyone to deal with potentially hacked devices simply to save a few bucks.

The cryptocurrency industry will continue to grow for some time to come. Things are looking pretty solid as of right now. With TV shows now paying some positive attention as well, interesting things are bound to happen. Although Billions isn’t the go-to show for Bitcoin exposure, it is a notch in the belt of cryptocurrency regardless. More positive content like this will eventually get more people interested.

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