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Bitcoin IRA Brings XRP Support to Retail and Institutional Clients


Ripple has made a lot of headlines over the past twelve months, for good reason. The non-cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen its fair share of partnerships and major announcements. Now that XRP has become a part of the Bitcoin IRA retirement account service, things are looking pretty solid. Moreover, Ripple’s native asset is also part of the Kingdom Trust custodial services. This allows users to buy and hold cryptocurrencies through a regular IRA. A major development for XRP and Ripple enthusiasts, that much is evident.

It is somewhat unusual to see the Bitcoin IRA team pay attention to XRP. After all, it is the least “regular” cryptocurrency of them all right now. It’s not even a cryptocurrency or digital currency in the traditional sense. However, it is a valuable asset and it has gotten a lot of attention in recent months. Bitcoin IRA and Kingdom Trust also work together with BitGo. This latter company recently unveiled their enterprise-grade XRP wallet. It seems that partnership was the first step toward the Bitcoin IRA integration as well.

Bitcoin IRA Recognizes the Value of XRP

Enabling XRP support for such widely-recognized services is a major development. With both companies providing services to institutional and retail customers, there’s a huge market waiting to be tapped. Considering how Ripple’s asset has been listed on a dozen exchanges this year alone, things are slowly coming together. It’s evident XRP wants to more than an asset for financial institutions such as banks. It is one of the easiest accessible assets on a global scale for people not looking to get involved in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin IRA COO Chris Kline comments as follows:

“Since listing XRP in our retirement accounts, demand from our customers has been immense. We are proud to be the first and only company in the world to offer XRP for retirement planning. Those who hold XRP with BitcoinIRA.com will see it in ‘cold storage’ digital wallets from BitGo, widely considered the most reliable and secure digital wallet, with multi-signature encryption.”

It is evident many people discount the XRP asset because of it not being a cryptocurrency. That is more than acceptable, even though it certainly is a sign of shortsightedness. When service providers such as Bitcoin IRA get on board, you know Ripple and XRP aren’t going anywhere soon. It is not necessarily the most appealing investment option due to a fairly stable price. Then again, XRP was never designed for speculators in the first place. This innovative digital asset deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. Bitcoin IRA provides exactly that through their services and products.

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