Bitcoin Jumps $8 in Three Days

· March 2, 2015 · 7:06 pm
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Well, I have some fantastic news for you all.

It has been about 3 days since my last article for this site, and thus the bitcoin price has had about 3 days to fall back down again, but the opposite has occurred.  In fact, the price of bitcoin has risen by about $8, and many cryptocurrency enthusiasts couldn’t be happier.

It seems that the period of falling repeatedly is finally over and done with.  We can likely expect to see a few small stumbles along the way, but the fact that such a huge raise has occurred over such a small time period is fantastic news, and suggests that maybe, just maybe bitcoin is finally on a road, a real road mind you, to recovery once and for all.

At the rate we’re witnessing, the rise of bitcoin has practically been about $3 dollars a day, which means that if things keep up in this fashion, we can expect to see bitcoin reach the $300 price range within the next two weeks.  Wouldn’t that be completely refreshing?  We’re so used to the opposite at this point in bitcoin’s status, and not since Coinbase announced its Lunar Exchange have we seen bitcoin reach the $300 mark.  Here, we have no large-sized good news to boost the price or push the digital currency upwards.  It seems to just be rising on its own through the aid of its popularity and its increasing value.

The train is coming closer, and all those who want to board the car for $300 are welcome to hop on and enjoy the ride.  I won’t be surprised if bitcoin reaches its destination by the end of the month.

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