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Bitcoin market and Powered Gold-Crypto 2.0 launched by DigitalTangible


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DigitalTangible recently held their official opening of the crypto 2.0-powered decentralized market for bitcoin and gold traders. The firm has innovatively enhanced the digital currency market with its primary crypto 2.0 procedures that offer tokens which represent physical gold. The tokens are further fastened to bitcoin addresses to enable traders to effortlessly shift between gold and bitcoin.

DigitalTangible founder Taariq Lewis, while speaking to CoinDesk said his services will focus on fulfilling the needs of the present bitcoin’s gold fans, as it meets the interests of the entire digital coins’ society, who may well wish to take part in the digital currency market.

Lewis further explained that DigitalTangible is the only platform by which one can shift to bitcoin from gold, in case they realize that bitcoin is doing better than gold. Digital Tangible gold tokens are currently available at the NXT and the Counterparty protocols that offer several alternatives.

Gold dealer support
The official opening happened at the same time the official introduction of the company’s partnership with Amagi was made. In their quest to launch the event successfully, all customers have been given free offers of either choosing gold items for a short period of time or free overnight shipping. All these offers have been awarded by the respective companies participating in the event.
Only 2 of the many outstanding companies that offer gold buying services to bitcoin users will be brought on board as associates of Digital Tangible. These include Agora Commodities, which has so far made sales in excess of $10m worth of silver and gold through bitcoin, and Amagi Metals which recently reported that by 2017, it will stop dealing with fiat currency.

DigitalTangible initiator Lewis further made it clear that Amagi and Agora will equally put gold up for sale on the DigitalTangible platform, a move that will help cut costs for the users. Being the project’s top seller, Lewis concurs that the partnership will help both Amagi and Agora improve sales and even reduce advertising costs.

Speaking to CoinDesk, the CEO and the President of Agora Commodities Joseph Castillo described DigitalTangible as a means of getting gold trading into the 21st Century. Castillo commended the project saying the partnership with DigitalTangible is a reliable avenue by which his company will help solve the issues that gold buyers who also wish to hold the physical gold face.
Attracting gold buyers

DigitalTangible, according to Lewis is a platform that is looking forward to offering cost savings to its traders and added that security is not the only thing attracting buyers to his company. He also reiterated that Digital Tangible is the only company selling the best quality gold at almost no extra charge. This, he said is due to the strong partnership they forged with both Amagi and Agora, established companies that consistently work together towards getting consumers on board.

Their partners, Amagi and Agora, Lewis said will be marketing their services via the known bitcoin websites. Digital Tangible’s sole responsibility will be to target gold markets through the normal techniques of digital marketing as well as reaching out to those managing their own retirement plans.


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