Much as the bitcoin currency has been a common term in the investing world, there are still people who still do not understand the whole concept. In simple terms, bitcoin is a digital currency that is regulated using encryption techniques. The currency operates independently from the central bank; which means that it is not subject to the regulations made by the government. The currency was created in 2009 and has gained popularity ever since.

The number of bitcoins available is limited. The developers of this form of currency designed that only 21 million bitcoins can be mined in the ultimate end. One can get them through transfers, through buying them and finally through mining. At least 12 million bitcoins have been mined so far. This only means that the struggle to mine bitcoins is even tougher today.

Mining for Bitcoins

Mining bitcoins is done using specialized computers. These devices consume a lot of power and one has to be ready to pay the utility bills as they try to mine these currencies. However, to make things easier, people join pools of miners who have the required resources for mining. Pooled miners share the profits one they have successfully mined the currencies. It is very easy to find agencies that deal with pooled mining through the online platform.

Bitcoin Wallets

One of the first things to know when searching for bitcoin news is that one has to get a bitcoin wallet. This is where both the private or public keys are stored. These keys allow one to make bitcoin transactions. There are different types of wallets; from software wallets, paper wallets, web wallets and cold wallets. Good bitcoin agencies will advice you on the kind of wallet that works for you; depending on your preferences and security needs.

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