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Bitcoin Pay-Per-View, WatchMyBit

· November 19, 2015 · 5:30 pm
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There are numerous content platforms on the internet. It maybe news sites, video hosting sites, blogs content aggregators etc. All these platforms share one single strategy, and that is to monetize the content. Content platforms monetize the content on their platform by placing advertisements, introducing pay-per-view model or subscription model where the user pays money to access the content hosted on the platform and more.

Usually, the platform makes a lot of money by monetizing the content created by someone else and the actual content creators end up getting short-changed. Well, this was the story before bitcoin. Now things are changing for good, and also it is about time it did. We now have platforms like WatchMyBit which allows artists and content creators to monetize their content by themselves on the platform. Unlike other conventional content platforms, content creators on WatchMyBit will be getting a majority share of all the revenue generated by their artworks on the platform.

Bitcoin is a distributed, open source digital currency. Apart from faster, more secure transactions, no transaction fees etc., and the ability to make micropayments using bitcoin makes it suitable for above mentioned cases. WatchMyBit offers a flexible platform for artists where they can upload the content and charge the viewers for accessing the file. Artists are free to charge anything about $0.09, which is the minimum for the platform. They can also choose co-creators and decide what percentage of the proceeds go to whom.

It can be a solo artist or a band, WatchMyBit can be used to ensure every one of them gets their due. Proceeds from the content will be deposited into the artist’s bitcoin wallet.

The growing popularity of WatchMyBit has helped it secure some really good content uploaded on the site. The latest being an award winning film by Peter McEvilley — “On Falling” soon to be available at $0.99 per watch/view.

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