So the time has come… Following all the recent posts regarding bitcoin’s price plunge, that same price that we all thought was doomed to eventually reach $1 has now rebounded and rocketed back up towards $216.  What goes down must seemingly come back up.

Now that the Bitstamp attack has finally come to pass and people took a necessary break from trading and selling, it seems that the price has since been on a steady rise.  How high it will reach cannot ultimately be determined at this state, but it would certainly be nice to see the currency reach the massive highs it has seen before.  Over $1,000 per bitcoin, as we witnessed in 2013 might currently be out of bitcoin’s league, but what’s wrong with fantasizing about bitcoin eventually getting back to $400, or even $500?  We can dream, can’t we?

Furthermore, it seems that several enthusiasts were waiting for the coin to plunge down to $100.  It was here where they planned to do some heavy purchasing, but ultimately their opportunity has been denied.  The $100 price was never reached, and those who are still looking to purchase bitcoin must either wait for another massive plunge, or start making those purchases now.

It’s unfortunate for them, yet at the same time, we can’t help but rejoice a little at this special “rebound news,” and all we can do is hope for the trend to continue.

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