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Bitcoin Shoots Past the $7,400 Mark


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We’ve got some good news, folks. At the time of writing, the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap – bitcoin, of course – has shot past the $7,400 line for the first time in weeks.

Bitcoin Is Heading Higher

This is a significant improvement over the $7,100 level it’s been trading at for some time. While the currency rose this high during the mid-December point, it appeared bitcoin couldn’t retain this level of momentum, and immediately fell back down to the low $7,000 range. Now, it seems the currency has picked itself back up and is moving up the financial ladder once again.

The currency is experiencing some post-holiday joy, and bitcoin appears to be making a final statement before 2019 rings out permanently. The currency seems to be saying, “I won’t be held down. I won’t come to a halt, and I’m going to keep going until there’s nothing left to give.”

And we, as enthusiasts, have no choice but to give it respect. After all, the currency has experienced a very strange year in terms of up-and-down behavior. We’ve witnessed the coin go from its lowest point to its second highest point over the course of six months, as the currency was trading for around $3,500 during the year’s early period.

Later in the summer, however, the currency had added approximately $10,000 to its price and peaked at a solid $13,600 before finally falling back down. While it’s still only half that at press time, the currency is continuing to show signs of life, so perhaps things aren’t as dismal as they were looking before, and maybe the currency can end the year on a semi-high note after all.

Of course, whatever the cryptocurrency ends the year at will be nothing compared with where it was earlier in the year or during December of 2017. That much is for sure, but bitcoin is the most popular (and most powerful) cryptocurrency in the world for a reason, and perhaps that reason is being exhibited right here and now.

Next Year Will Be Huge

No matter how tough things get, the currency always finds a way to improve its position. There’s always a chance that things will improve drastically in a short amount of time, as well. Perhaps the currency will rise beyond the $10,000 line again before the month is out. It’s unlikely, but if that doesn’t happen, we know that it can perhaps finish 2019 out on something of a bull note.

In the meantime, 2020 is slated to be a “mega year” for the cryptocurrency given what the experts are saying. Men like Tim Draper and even Ross Ulbricht are claiming that this will be the year in which bitcoin reaches the $100,000 mark. What a great way to start out the new decade.

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Nick Marinoff
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